How long is a tourist visa

Travel with the tourist visa

The passport as the central travel document contains the tourist visa in the form of a stamp or sticker.

Tourist visa - what is it?

If you plan to travel outside of the European Union, you will often need one Tourist visa. Algeria, China, India, Iran, Russia and Vietnam are just a few of the countries that require visas for visitors. The visa entitles you to stay in the destination country for a certain period of time for tourist purposes - as a package or individual traveler. How long the residence permit is valid varies from state to state. And the costs and the requirements for applying for a visa also differ considerably from one another in some cases.

Where do I apply for a visa and which documents do I need?

A tourist visa is usually issued to you by the visa department of the embassy or consulate of the respective destination country. The responsible offices in Germany are located in major cities such as Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Munich. How you have to proceed with the application and which documents have to be submitted differs depending on the holiday destination. In some cases it is possible to fill out the visa application online. However, many consulates require you to submit your documents in person or through an authorized representative. In order to receive your visa, you will often need a whole range of other papers in addition to the completed application forms and your passport.

To enter Russia, you need to present an official invitation. You will receive a tourist invitation, also known as a Visa Support Letter or voucher, from a hotel, for example. In addition, proof of your willingness to return and sufficient financial resources, e.g. B. in the form of a pay slip or a bank statement. A current passport photo and a foreign health insurance should not be missing. Non-EU citizens need a registration certificate.

If you are going to China, the Chinese Embassy has similar requirements as the Russian Consulate. A travel insurance is not required here, but booking confirmations for flight and hotel are to be submitted instead.
When you apply for your visa with us, you will receive a detailed overview of the documents to be submitted individually for your destination country.

How long and how often can I travel to the destination country as a tourist with the visa?

No general statement can be made about the period of validity of a tourist visa. Most visas are valid for three months. Here too, however, there are different arrangements depending on the state. In principle, one can differentiate between single, double and multiple visas. The latter variants offer the possibility of entering and exiting twice or more than once. Sometimes there is also the option of extending an existing residence permit on site.

Is a tourist visa sufficient for me?

In most cases, a tourist visa is sufficient, provided you are going on a holiday for a limited period of time. If, on the other hand, you plan to stay longer in the destination country, to work or study there, a work or student visa is usually required. Our visa service will be happy to advise you on whether you need a tourist visa or another permit and will support you in all matters.