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Lily J. Potter

Lily J.[4]Potter, born Evans, (January 30, 1960, † October 31, 1981) was a Muggle-born witch. She was the youngest daughter of the Muggle Evans family, wife of the wizard James Potter and mother of Harry James Potter.

Lily attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1971-1978 and was assigned to the Gryffindor house. She later married her classmate James Potter and the couple had their son Harry. Lily was a member of the First Order of the Phoenix and witnessed the First Wizarding War up close.

She and her husband were betrayed to Voldemort by their longtime friend Peter Pettigrew after they went into hiding due to the First Prophecy. Lily and James were both murdered while trying to protect their son Harry. He was the only person in history to survive the killing curse.


Discovery of Magic

Lily's parents, Mr. Evans and Mrs. Evans, and her sister Petunia are Muggles. From a very early age, while playing with her sister, she discovered that she could do strange things. Mostly only coincidental and imperfect, but at least strange things. Her sister Petunia was always torn between joy, excitement and fear, but Lily never feared it.

Her parents were very proud of their daughter and that meant that Petunia always felt disadvantaged towards her sister, because Lily was something Special was. Then when (the eagerly awaited by Snape) invitation came for Lily to come to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Hogwarts, the joy knew no bounds. Petunia wrote a pleading letter to the headmaster that she might be accepted there, but he politely but firmly refused her.

This disappointment hit Petunia very hard and also put a strain on her relationship with her little sister. As much as she would have loved to go to this school and this world with Lily, she was bitter and jealous now. She was so disappointed and hurt that the magical world died for her for a lifetime and began to derogate about it. It even went so far that she called her sister Lily a freak who went for a Freak school have to go. Petunia has not gotten over this injury in her entire life and even years later after Lily's death, Harry still felt all the anger and disappointment about it.

School days at Hogwarts

Like her future husband James Potter, Lily was a Gryffindor during her school days. Her wand was made of willow wood and was particularly suitable for magic. Lily was Potions Professor Horace Slughorn's favorite student because she had an intuitive feel for potions brewing. In his opinion she was one of the brightest he'd ever taught[5].

During her time at school, she met her future husband and father of their son Harry, James Potter. At the beginning, Lily didn't like him at all because of his arrogance and kept flashing him off. Lily was reluctant that James and his three friends Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and Remus Lupine humiliated and tormented their classmate Severus Snape again and again. She also intervened on a number of occasions when she thought James and his friends were overdoing their teasing.

In her seventh year at Hogwarts, Lily Evans was named Head Boy along with James. It was also the year she became interested in and started dating James. This was namely out of its immature phase and got closer to it. In the end, Lily reciprocated James' feelings and fell in love with him. They married shortly after leaving school, and Lily gave birth to their son Harry on July 31, 1980.

After school, Lily joined the Order of the Phoenix in order to be able to resist Lord Voldemort along with the other members of this association. In total, Lily and James Potter stood up to Lord Voldemort three times and then tried to hide from him in their house in Godric's Hollow. In order not to be discovered immediately, the two used the Fidelius spell. The Potters' keeper of secrets was a good friend of James: Peter Pettigrew. However, Pettigrew turned out to be a spy and betrayed the Potters to Voldemort. Lily Potter died less later on October 31, 1981 when Voldemort broke into her home. James tried to protect his wife and son Harry, but he too was mercilessly murdered. The only survivor was little Harry.

With her death, Lily Potter left a permanent protection on Harry that made it impossible for Lord Voldemort to touch him. Only after Lord Voldemort has brewed a new body does he manage to touch Harry unscathed. Since Petunia Dursley is Lily's sister, the Dursley's house is also guarded by this protection and Voldemort cannot harm Harry there.

Lily's love for Harry, her only child, was so great in the end that she sacrificed her life for his.

Relationships and friendships

Dursley family

Harry, who at most learned lies about his parents from his foster family, has only met real friends since he entered the magical world.

  • Harry first saw his mother during his freshman year at Hogwarts when he looked in the mirror of Nerhegeb.
  • At the end of his first year of school, Harry receives a photo album from Hagrid with moving magic photos of his parents.
  • The contacts with the dementor during his third year of school let him relive the voices of his parents during their last few seconds.
  • At the end of his fourth year of school, Lily appears in a misty form, who rises from Voldemort's wand under a powerful spell, the Priori Incantatem.
  • In the fifth year of school, Harry sees the young Lily during her school days in a pensieve scene: She turns against the arrogant classmate James Potter.
  • During the summer vacation before the start of his fifth year of school, Moody shows Harry an old photo of all the members of the First Order of the Phoenix. Harry's parents can also be seen on it.
  • In 1997-1998 Harry met his mother on Halloween 1981 in Voldemort's memory.
  • In 1997-1998, Harry sees his mother in Severus Snape's memories as a child and adolescent.
  • In 1997-1998 Harry brought his mother's memory with the Resurrection Stone to his side.

Severus Snape

A boy from the neighborhood, who had been watching her for a while, told her that she was a witch and that besides this ostensibly visible world there was another one that was somewhat hidden: the magical world of wizards and witches, which existed parallel to and at the same time as the other, the Muggle world. There would be "hundreds ... no thousands who would be like them" because he is also a magician. That boy was Severus Snape, who was hopelessly in love with Lily even then.

Her parents turned out to be extremely open-minded and liberal about sorcery, they had no objection to it.

The two children were friends during their school days at Hogwarts, although Snape lived in the Slytherin house and Lily lived in Gryffindor. Because of Snape's interest in the Dark Arts, Lily gradually turned away from him. The friendship was finally over when Snape was attacked by James Potter and Lily, who was defending him from James, cursed "Mudblood". Snape tried stubbornly and desperately to apologize to Lily, but that couldn't save the friendship.

Lily and Snape had been friends since they were ten. They lived just a few streets apart and Snape had been in love with Lily even then. When he noticed that she could do magic too, he was thrilled and dying to tell her about it. However, the situation was difficult at the beginning as Petunia was jealous and Lily often stuck to her sister. Still, Lily and Snape became best friends and eagerly waited to get to Hogwarts. There Snape became a Slytherin and Lily a Gryffindor, which created some tension, as Lily didn't like his friends and they didn't like them either because of their blood status. Snape reassured Lily again and again and talked himself out of the mean machinations of his friends, because he didn't want to lose them under any circumstances. Over the years, however, Snape's fascination with the dark arts grew, which annoyed Lily very much. She became more and more estranged from him and argued more often about the choice of his friends and his racist acts; however, it was finally enough for Lily when Snape uncontrollably called her a Mudblood shortly after James Potter and Sirius Black had ridiculed him in front of the assembled crowd and Lily had intervened to end it. Lily realized that they were both going different ways and nothing connected them anymore. Lily hated black magic and wanted to fight Voldemort and his Death Eaters, which was why she didn't accept Snape's apology and cut off all contact with him, even though he tried desperately to fix everything. Lily had probably known that Snape was in love with her, and she might have reciprocated these feelings internally, or at least could have reciprocated, but after this event all of it was gone and she displayed a dismissive, cold demeanor towards him and despised him him as much as James Potter once did. Snape never stopped loving Lily and later joined the Death Eaters as he watched heartbroken as she got together with James and married him.

James Potter

Lily hates black magic, stands up for justice boldly and independently, and is named Head Girl in her senior year at school. She and her future husband James Potter both belong to the Gryffindor family, but have only had a love affair since James' senior year. After school, they soon get married, live in Godric's Hollow, and have their son Harry.

Both are active in the First Order of the Phoenix and can narrowly escape three attacks by Voldemort. Some time before Lily and her husband are killed, they notice that someone from their closest circle of friends is spying on them.

Lord Voldemort, who actually tracks down the Potters on Halloween 1981, offers Lily to let them live, he just wants to kill Harry. But Lily sacrifices herself to save the life of her one and a half year old son. Her victim at the time surrounds Harry with lasting magical protection from Voldemort's touch, as it was out of love. Albus Dumbledore can magically extend this protection so that Harry is safe with Lily's blood relatives until he reaches the age of majority. Since her parents have already died at the time of Lily's murder, Lily's magic-hating sister Petunia has to take Harry into her family, and thus becomes entangled in what is happening in the magical world.


Lily was a beauty. She had a pretty, friendly face and thick dark red hair that fell on her shoulders. Most noticeable were her bright green, almond-shaped eyes.


Lily was a brave young woman with a strong sense of justice. She had the ability to see the good in other people and was known for her charm and wit, with which she had always delighted Professor Slughorn when she was at school. She had clear principles and loathed black magic, which was why she ended her friendship with Severus Snape. Lily was also loyal and loved her family and friends more than anything else in the world.


  • The question of many fans about what James and Lily did professionally was only answered by the author in an interview in October 07: After graduating from school, the two were able to live on James' inherited fortune and work exclusively as resistance fighters, see Rowling-Int./New York in Oct. 07.
  • In an earlier interview, Rowling had indicated that Harry's knowledge of what his parents "did" (in the original: done for living) will mean to him what he himself ultimately has to do to defeat Voldemort. Rowling's statement at the time was incorrectly related to James and Lily's professions, but the author herself obviously meant what Harry's parents had done to ensure his own survival was important to what Harry had to do himself.

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