Who is faster The Flash or Superman

Why did Superman hold back against the Flash in Justice League?

Superman is very aware that most of his opponents are often less durable and usually less physically strong than him. When in doubt, he will use the least amount of force necessary to deal with his opponents. To understand his actions, they have to be seen in context.

The fight begins with Superman realizing with his super senses that Batman's supply belt is empty. This means that he always scans his opponents. Something prudent when you are unsure of your opponents' abilities. He does this to everyone he fights.

While the lightning bolt's initial interactions confuse Superman (he has likely fought few opponents as quickly as he did), once he realizes he can keep up with his opponent's speed, he backs off and pulls his punch when he's done to measure of lightning sees that he need use no more than the slightest use of force. Your description seems to adequately describe the scene, but in context it looks more like Superman measuring his opponent's level.

Superman is always cautious during the fight. Always. With his strength, it is important that he is in control because he is morally opposed to killing his opponents. In this fight he uses the force necessary to inflict damage on his opponent, nothing more. Look at his eyes, he predicts where the lightning will be and times its stroke to make sure it's where it needs to be. Once he was sure he could hit him, he just flicked him instead. That tiny blow throws lightning down the street.

Although they didn't show it in the DCnU, in the previous continuities, Superman used to scan his opponents to see how much force to use in combat. He uses his hearing to measure heart rates and his x-ray to determine physical bone density. He also takes note of their ability to harm him, because if they are strong enough to hit and injure him, they should be strong enough so that he can use more of his skills in a fight. Even if he believes his opponent is strong enough to use his powers to the full, he will still hold back in order to reduce collateral damage to the environment and the people who may be nearby.

A quick review of the physiology of lightning revealed that, despite its amazing speed and ability to deliver super-fast blows, the lightning was in no way able to withstand a direct full blow. The touch of a finger is more than enough to turn off someone whose general physical abilities are little more than a well-trained person.

RC toaster

In the comic I'm referring to, he didn't seem shy at all. He tried his best to hit Flash but couldn't. If Flash had been scanned as you suggested, why would Superman even try to hit him in full?

Thaddeus Howze ♦

When he looks at all of the pictures where Superman reaches for lightning, his hands are open all the time. He's not trying to hit the lightning, he's trying to grab it and hold it back. He only closes his hands to the last board, where he touches it with one finger.

Thaddeus Howze ♦

The artist also shows in the picture in which Flash is to be taken. Superman is well aware of how fast the perception of the flash seems to be. With a fist, lightning hesitates and hesitates to be hit by a man as powerful as Superman. Superman takes advantage of this moment of hesitation.

Thaddeus Howze ♦

You read the page wrong. He didn't miss with his punch, it went exactly where he wanted it to get the result he wanted: Flash paused. Whereby he received a film ...

Weaving head

This also shows me that Supe has a sense of humor. Flash is essentially saying, "Well, you can't touch me." and Superman is purposely doing the minimum to qualify as touching lightning to turn the boast off. The strip said, "Touched you." AND let the flash know that itself is a contact of Supes being wise. This scene seemed to have less to do with reluctance than with sending a message.