Will Barcelona sack their coach?

Setién sacked coach after seven months : Josep Bartomeu ruins FC Barcelona

The myth has been destroyed, now a new coach should set up FC Barcelona again. President Josep Bartomeu throws Quique Setién out after seven months, as expected the club announced on Monday evening. His successor is now Ronald Koeman, currently coach of the Dutch national team and from 1989 to 1995 player at Barça. Will the Catalan club soon shine again, will the ingenious aura that was finally destroyed in the 2: 8 against Bayern on Friday return?

The answer sounds even more eschatological in the language of the Catalans than in German: no del tot, by no means. Even if Messi stays and doesn't leave the club of his life in anger this summer.

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Barça has to reinvent itself to revive the old glamor. After the debacle in the Champions League, central defender Gerard Piqué called for a change in the “entire structure”. Piqué, 33 years old and in the team since 2008, even offered to leave “when we need fresh blood”. What was meant, however, was not just a new coach and younger players, but a change in the club.

Piqué did not give a name, but everyone knows who he is aiming at. Bartomeu is primarily responsible for the long infirmity of a team that once enraptured the football world. With this president, Barça will not be back més que un club.

Bartomeu, however, seems to rule out a quick exit for himself. The 2021 presidential election could, whispers in Bartomeu's circle, be brought forward by a few months. But Barça needs change now and especially at the top of the club. It was Bartomeu who brought in the only moderately talented Ernesto Valverde as coach in May 2017 and held him for far too long. With the coach, who often sat puzzled on the sidelines, the virus of lethargy spread in an increasingly aging team.

The legendary Tiki-Taka often degenerated into an unimaginative ball attachment. In the hope that one of the countless short passes would be used by Messi for a solo with a brilliant shot on goal. The magical moments continued, but they became less and less.

Opposing teams lie in wait for a short pass and overcome Barça's midfield and defense with a lightning-fast counterattack. If, on the other hand, larger rooms open up for Barça, they are often not used. How often have the fans wished the team would take off, even with a high ball, instead of trying to dribble through a multi-legged defense with the short passes. But Valverde gave no impulse.

Bartomeu apparently didn't want a strong coach

Especially when it comes to away games, Barça often only had the power of a half-empty car battery. And so there were painful knockout defeats against energetic teams in the Champions League. 2018 the 0: 3 against AS Roma, 2019 the 0: 4 against Liverpool.

In January 2020, Bartomeu finally threw Valverde out - and brought in Quique Setién, who had failed at the mediocre first division club Betis Sevilla. Bartomeu apparently didn't want a strong coach, perhaps out of fear of losing presidential authority. The result is well known: a season without a title and at the end a historic disaster.

Bartomeu may also not be able to endure an extremely popular player like Messi. The Barça Gate affair boomed in February. The club had cooperated with the agency "13 Ventures", which spread bad rumors about Messi on social media. Bartomeu said he had nothing to do with it. It is doubtful that Messi believes him. And now it could finally be enough for the Argentine.

Messi's departure for a mega sum would help Bartomeu to fill the coffers empty after expensive bad purchases. But Barça still have more chances of a renaissance with Messi despite his 33 years than without him. If anyone should go, it would be the President.

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