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Corona leaves clear traces in e-commerce. Every fifth German today has more confidence in online shopping than before the pandemic.

I have already highlighted several times here in the blog that the Corona crisis had and continues to have far-reaching effects on the economy and society. This affects the digitization of companies and authorities as well as the purchasing behavior of consumers.

The American provider of e-commerce solutions ChannelAdvisor has now collected specific figures on the latter: The market research institute Dynata, on behalf of ChannelAdvisor, recently examined the influence of the corona virus pandemic on the shopping behavior of Germans, especially when it comes to online shopping published study.

The main findings of the study:

  • One in five Germans bought from online retailers between March and May that they had never bought before (20 percent).
  • Two out of five Germans surveyed bought more online between March and May (40 percent)
  • Overall, confidence in shopping on the Internet has risen for one in five (21 percent) - both among the older group of buyers and among the younger ones.

The result of the study shows: Corona leaves clear traces in e-commerce. 25 percent of the study participants intend to buy more online in the long term. The trend is particularly pronounced among 18 to 25 year olds. 41 percent stated that they would like to continue shopping more on the web. Among consumers over 55, one in ten still wants to spend more money on the Internet in the future.

Closed shops and spending a lot of time at home with limited social contacts gave many an opportunity to browse the Internet for new products. At the beginning, the focus was on everyday items - a third bought medical, beauty and cosmetic products online (33 percent).

Only books and hobby supplies were more popular with 39 percent. After consumers had settled into the situation, priorities shifted and fashion and electronics moved more into focus: 22 percent wanted to change clothes and 21 percent wanted to buy new computers and other electronics.

Still 27 percent planned to buy more books and products for leisure and hobbies in the short term. If you leave out grocery shopping, men spent the most money between March and May: a good one in five made purchases for over 200 euros per person during this time (22 percent).

E-commerce has demonstrably benefited from the crisis: every fifth German consumer now has more confidence in online shopping than before (21 percent). The increase among men, at 24 percent, is somewhat more pronounced than among female shoppers, with an increase of 18 percent.

One in five study participants also reported that they ordered items between March and May that they had not previously purchased online (21 percent). The reason for this is certainly the extensive shop closings.

The main results of the study are summarized in the following infographic - click twice to enlarge:

Source: ChannelAdvisor

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