Leggings are going out of style

So cool, so comfy: Leggings are the fashion trend par excellence this winter! But how do you style the comfortable pants that you look reasonably fashionable? The fashion professionals show how it is done - and we have put together the best combination tips for you!

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Combine leggings: this is how the look becomes fashionable

1. Combine leggings with a long top

Leggings should always, but really always, be combined with a long top. Long tops look much more flattering with the very tight trousers and also cleverly hide the stomach, legs and buttocks. The look is really classy when you wear your leggings with a white long blouse combined. It becomes casual with one Oversize sweater. If you want a short top, you should at least throw a cardigan over your buttocks.

2. Color choice

If you want to create a great leggings look, you should definitely Leggings in muted colors such as black, gray or bordeaux choose. Striking patterns, shrill prints and bright colors are rather bulky and quickly make you look a bit wider than you actually are.

3. It depends on the length

When it comes to the right leggings, it really depends on the length - because it decides whether your look is top or a flop. Leggings should be at best always go down to the ankle. If they are only calf-length, they visually shorten the legs and literally scream for the gym. Too long models, on the other hand, are more for the out of bed look.

4. Wear leggings with the right shoes

When it comes to choosing the right shoes, you can actually let your imagination run wild. Whether sporty sneakers, classic loafers or sexy boots - leggings can be worn combine with almost all shoes and are the perfect accessory to steer your leggings look in the right direction.

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