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VoIP provider: better telephony for less money

WIRECLOUD is a leading VoIP provider for companies and relocate your business with a virtual VoIP solution Telephone system in the cloud. You save hardware costs because you can now use them all Functions Obtain via software from various data centers.
The data centers are located in Germany and are connected to the TÜV quality seals awarded for special security. To get over thevirtual telephone systemto call regardless of location, connect your end devices to the Internet. Thanks to the auto provisioning, these are immediately ready for use.

You also benefit fromPrice transparency and Scalability. You only pay for the devices you use and can adjust your contract on a monthly basis. You can set up end devices for new employees with just a few clicks and you can book flat rates if the volume of calls increases. You make all settings via your Browser in front.

WIRECLOUD: VoIP provider with years of experience

WIRECLOUD is a leading VoIP provider from Germany for companies of all sizes. Whether start-up or medium-sized, our customers appreciate them intelligent VoIP functions such as drag & drop, Fax2Mail, music on hold or video conferences. Especially in times of Corona everyone is for a felixble, location-independent telephone solution grateful. Home office is possible without any problems, just with an internet connection. All 150 telephone system functions are covered in the WIRECLOUD PRO tariff.

Prices & comparison

You pay one monthly per device used Basic fee of € 2.50. If you want to add or remove a device, you can do this on a monthly basis. You only pay for what you actually use. Call minutes are charged at 0.9 ct / min (German landline) and 8.9 ct / min (German mobile network). Are you expecting a high volume of calls next month? Book Flat rates for each device or flexible minute packages add! You can cancel the flat rates at the end of the month.

Flat rates & minute packages

Best VoIP provider: IP telephones as an optimal addition

IP telephones are recommended for making calls from the cloud via the VoIP system. These are specially designed for this purpose and can be used as operate conventional telephones. It is also possible to use a softphone to make calls via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Telephoning with a softphone

In order to make calls on your mobile device (mobile phone or PC) via a softphone, you need the correspondingSoftphone app.

The app pulls all data from your account to the device on which the softphone is installed. This canunder your known phone number can be achieved. To do this, your mobile device must be connected to the Internet.

Softphones offer a high degree of flexibility, but are more error-prone than real VoIP phones. This has to do with the fact that mobile devices were not primarily designed for the use of a softphone. Other apps and services can cause interference. For example, your computer's firewall can prevent the connection with the person you are talking to.

►Expert tip:Practice has shown that a softphone is absolutely useful for certain situations such as business trips. For the However, real VoIP devices are more suitable for everyday use in the office. These were built solely for this purpose and can be operated like conventional telephones.

VoIP provider: which criteria are decisive?


Of course, the price-performance ratio plays an important role in the selection of the SIP provider. Aside from getting a good deal on devices, you should also make sure you get ashort contract period to agree. At WIRECLOUD you canevery month Your VoIP packageto adjust or cancel. This means that you are free to react flexibly to any situation in your company. Almost every SIP provider offers different billing models. Either we calculate your telephone conversation timeto the minute or you are on the phone with oneFlat rate model Your choice as much as you want. The latter is particularly worthwhile for companies that have to make a lot of external calls.


Like a normal ISDN telephone system, the VoIP telephone system must function reliably at all times. That means:Permanent availability andgreatest possible protection from failures. Your VoIP provider should be able to offer both. In order to meet these requirements, all necessary functions are hosted redundantly by the VoIP provider. If a server fails, your cloud telephone system will still work because the failed function in one data center is cushioned by the same function from another data center. Thus, the functions of virtual telephony are stored spatially separated on different servers and theFunctionality Your virtual telephone system isguaranteed at all times. This enables providers of virtual telephone systems to offer a very high level of reliability.

WIRECLOUD operates its redundant data centers in Frankfurt and Cologne. In this way, WIRECLOUD guarantees its VoIP customers aFailure safety of over 99.9%.

Security of your data

Not just since the new one came into forceGDPR guidelines From May 25, 2018, we are putting the issue of data protection in Germany very seriously. Every VoIP provider that hosts its server in Germany is legally obliged to comply with extremelystrict data protection guidelines hold. Accordingly, all providers have to encrypt the data of the VoIP customers all on the server.

Scalable by simply adding new ones Terminals

At that time it was difficult with ISDN telephone systems to connect new employees with end devices to the analog telephone network without great effort as the company grew. This problem no longer exists with VoIP technology. Today you can use the interface of your VoIP providerwith a few clicks of the mouse anew device into your networktake up.

Best VoIP providers - detailed overview


The VoIP telephone system provider WIRECLOUD has been successfully active in the German VoIP market in the B2B area for over five years. Before you become a customer, you can test our VoIP telephone system free of charge for 30 days without obligation. You then have two options to choose from. In theWIRECLOUD Basic Variant are yoursthree free devicesto disposal. You can already use standard functions such as toggling, hold, voicemail and forwarding.WIRECLOUD Pro however, offers youup to 5,000 devices for an unbeatable € 2.50 per device per month. In addition, you pay0.9 cents / min for calls to the German landline network and 8.9 cents / min for calls to the German mobile network. Instead of billing by the minute, you can use as much IP telephony as you want via a flat rate. The WIRECLOUD Pro version also offers you free conference calls and free porting of your existing phone numbers.


fonial offers you as a customer two possible tariffs. In the fonialFREE tariff receivethree phone numbers, can use all the basic functions of the IP telephone system and have a monthly basic fee of € 0.00. For calls toGerman landline pay1.9 cents / minute and 19 cents / minute to the German mobile network.

If you have thefonial PLUS book, you pay monthly€ 2.90 per phone number. You can order an unlimited number of phone numbers. The fonial PLUS telephone system also offers you over 100 functions. The call prices also differ from the FREE tariff. they pay 1.0 cents / min to the German landline network and 10 cents / min to the German mobile network. In some cases it makes sense to book a flat rate instead of a minute-by-minute billing. This is also possible in the fonial PLUS tariff.


The VoIP provider QSC AG speaks specifically with its VoIP solutionsGerman middle class at. The VoIP telephone system from QSC costs from € 4.50 per month per workstation. This price includes a conference call system, mailbox and fax function.


Sipgate was one of the first providers for VoIP telephony in Germany. Sipgate is active in both B2C and B2B areas. This VoIP provider offers different variants of the cloud telephone system with numerous functions for a variable number of employees. Devices for three employees costmonthly from 19.95 €. You can also include a flat rate in your package. These cost € 49.95 (throughout Germany) and € 69.95 (throughout Europe) per month.


At Easybell you get theBasic tariff up to four devices for free for one year. You then pay after this test phase1.67 € per month. With this tariff you can use the SIP trunk connectiontwo parallel conversations to lead. The tariffBusiness easy allows you 30 devices andten parallel conversations for € 4.19 per month.


Telegrafon offers imStarter tariff Call forwarding, Fax2Mail, group functions and many other functions for€ 2.80 per month. You can do this with aAll-Net Flat for € 9.90 per month book. Otherwise calls toGerman landline at 1 cent / min

Current: All-IP changeover in 2021

Avoid forced migration or contract termination

Telekom originally wanted all the classic onesSwitch off ISDN connections by 2018 and switch to a pure IP network. This process has now dragged on, but the ISDN shutdown should be completed this year. Thus, the phone calls overISDN no longer possible for companies be.

Since the All-IP changeover also affects you, you should address the topic early rather than late, as a changeover will be inevitable. If the topic is not considered, in the worst case your connection will be forcibly migrated or terminated completely.

All IP changeover 2021


With the WIRECLOUDSIP trunk simply replace your conventional analog telephone connection andIn this way, you save connection costs. You only need one to use the WIRECLOUD SIP trunk Broadband internet connection. In this way, WIRECLOUD is not only your virtual telephone system, but also your inexpensive telephone connection.

What is the WIRECLOUD SIP trunk

SIP trunk acts as ainterface betweenTelephone system and the telephone network. With the connection of aconventional telephone system You can make calls to the WIRECLOUD SIP trunk cheaply and easily via an Internet connection. WIRECLOUD connects these to the conventional telephone network via your internet connection. Usually one needs a connectionat least 100 kb / s bandwidth for good voice quality.

Setup fee99 €
Basic fee for incoming channel€ 2.50 / month
Basic fee for outgoing channel0.00 € / month
Internal conversations0.00 cents | min
German landline network0.9 cents / min
German cellular network8.9 cents / min
International cellular networkFrom 1.9 cents / min

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VoIP provider conclusion

Without a doubt, that counts privacy to the most important arguments for a safe cloud telephony. It is also essential that the plant works reliably. All of the above providers can meet these two important criteria. In general, it is always a good idea to do a free trial to claim something. Most VoIP providers give their customers the opportunity to do so.


What are the main differences between VoIP telephony and traditional telephony?

In contrast to ISDN telephony, VoIP telephony takes place on the network level, calls are transmitted over the Internet instead of the telephone line. IP telephony also offers great savings potential, location-independent work, better voice quality, more parallel calls and much more.

Will there soon only be IP connections?

Since Telekom switched to ALL-IP, the classic ISDN connection has become less and less important and will be replaced by IP telephony in the medium term. Accordingly, companies will not be able to avoid the topic of IP telephony in the future.

Do I need special end devices for IP telephony?

You can use IP telephony with all VoIP-capable devices. In addition, you can connect some ISDN devices with an adapter, or you can only make calls via softphone without a device.

How are costs and prices made up?

A one-time setup fee and a small annual fee are charged for a number block, depending on its size. The ongoing monthly costs result from the number of end devices (€ 2.50), call minutes or flat rates, as well as possible extra features (e.g. international phone number, 0800 phone number, CRM integration).

Can i keep my phone numbers?

Yes, you can port your previous numbers to us free of charge.