What does it mean to be well behaved

Survey: What does well behaved mean?


Since we are here in the educational forum and there is a lot of talk about educational methods, I would be interested to know when someone is well educated for you. So what is the goal of your upbringing? Which properties are particularly important to you and which are not?

I'll start:

I have to say that I judge a person's upbringing primarily according to his type and his words. Of course, that has a lot to do with character, but I'm convinced that upbringing also plays a role. What is most important to me is a polite and honest demeanor. I am not primarily concerned with empty phrases like please, thank you. Although I attach great importance to this with my children, I have noticed several times that I don't miss it with others when I usually feel an open and friendly tone. On the other hand, I also know people who say please and thank you wonderfully and still have a commanding tone.

I like people who you can tell that they have respect for everyone, are free from prejudice and have the ability to find a level of interaction and communication with everyone - regardless of financial or social class. Tolerance and modesty also impress me.

It is important to me that people are not offensive or hurtful. Certainly not at all consciously. But I also get angry with people who unconsciously say or do something hurtful without wanting to.

I like it when people - make sense! - to rebel. Even with small children. Sure, there are things where rebellion is out of place (e.g. in traffic, on the hot stove, on sockets, ...). Otherwise, I think it's good when children are able to question instructions and practice asserting their interests in an appropriate way. I believe that this form of self-esteem can be very helpful later in professional life. I like cheeky children who do not express it in a defiant and insulting way, but quick-witted and eloquently.

Respect for nature is very important to me and also open-mindedness, interest (e.g. in art, culture, other countries, religions, etc.) and enthusiasm (although I don't know whether you can educate them).

It's a thing with manners (e.g. table manners). You can hardly score with me with that. I don't mean to say that they are not important and that I try to bring them to my children as much as possible. But mostly I don't even notice when someone has no table manners (I sometimes wish it was different). It is similar with questions of order. I don't notice it negatively when someone comes to our house and takes off their shoes in the middle of the hallway and leaves them. Of course, when I think about it, I don't think that's a good thing - but the problem is, I usually don't even notice it. In this respect, I usually don't notice someone who dutifully folds up their things when they enter the apartment (so actually I don't even notice it). Funnily enough, order is particularly important for my mom. Maybe that skips a generation .

The point of independence is very important to me with my own children (of course ). But I don't really care about others. In my home country Bulgaria, children are usually raised to be dependent. I think that leads to a certain tolerance. Even if I want my children to be nice and independent, I wouldn't say about others who are still attached to mommy's skirts at 40 that they are poorly brought up or not. On this point I think "each to his own".

Oh yes, ambition and responsibility for my own performance are still important to me. I don't like it when people without outside motivation don't develop their own aspiration to do their jobs optimally. This applies to children and school as well as to adults and work. But also for hobbies and voluntary work.

I don't like materialistic thinking and acting at all. I also find it terrible when children (or even adults, but they don't show it so often) are not able to enjoy little things or ideal attentions.

So in summary (and very exaggerated ) I would say that when I meet a friendly, ideal-minded, respectful, humble and cosmopolitan person, I think 'he is well brought up' - even if he eats like a pig and leaves his things everywhere .

Now I'm looking forward to other answers!