What is the importance of voice communication

What does "VoIP" mean? Explanation and definition


You have heard that you can make calls with "VoIP" over the Internet, but you do not know what the abbreviation means. Netzwelt explains it to you.

That means VoIP: "Voice Over IP"

The acronym VoIP stands for "Voice over IP". Translated directly, it means "Voice over the Internet Protocol". It forms the technical basis for Internet telephony. Voice over IP is the common voice communication via the Internet protocol and is also known as IP telephony, Internet telephony or DSL telephony.

Where is VoIP used?

While mobile phone flat rates as well as WhatsApp and Facetime calls are now often replacing landline telephones in private homes, companies still see themselves as tied to traditional telephony.

However, it doesn't look very classic there either: instead of technically outdated ISDN connections, telephone lines and connections in Germany are being converted to Internet-based Voice-over-IP technology in no time at all. Today, more and more telephone calls are being handled with Voice over IP without the subscribers noticing.

How does VoIP work?

With IP telephony, data and telephone calls can be conducted over the same network. In contrast to the analog telephone connections that were common in the past, IP connections are linked to broadband. They enable telephony via the Internet connection.

The analog variant is to be turned off completely in the near future. This process has started gradually over the past few years. Instead, more and more all-IP connections are being used. There is no longer a need for a splitter to separate the frequency ranges used for internet and telephony. All-IP technology puts the phone on the Internet. The phone calls are broken down into individual data packets and transmitted as Voice over IP over the Internet connection. This means that the additional telephone network, including expensive maintenance, is no longer required.

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