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TÜV-certified comparison and test procedures according to ISO 9001

The creation of wages and salaries for all employees is a time-consuming process and an additional burden for the self-employed and small to medium-sized companies. An accountant hired specially for this causes additional costs, while the task itself cannot simply be handed over to an employee, as it is necessary to learn more about the latest regulations and keep up to date. Professionalism is required here, while incorrect payroll accounting is annoying not only for the employees but also for the company. That is why more and more companies and the self-employed are resorting to outsourcing payroll accounting. An external company can be commissioned to process all pay slips and provide competent employees who are familiar with the subject and who receive further training. The test shows what options companies have and what advantages and disadvantages outsourcing payroll accounting has.

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What is Payroll Outsourcing?

According to §108 GewO, every employer is in the test obliged to provide a Wage- and issue payroll. In this comparison all the details about the salary are set in onePeriod listed and broken down. The Employee can through the payroll understand exactly why he received the wage bill. The Payroll is helpful, but remains one of the most complicated tasks in a company. It is subject to constant legislative changes that the accountant must be aware of, which means that a further education is imperative. This applies particularly to changes in the area of ​​social security and tax law. A high level of specialist knowledge is necessary for this in the payroll made no mistakes.

This is especially true in smaller companies Payroll therefore a time-consuming process with higher costs and expenses. The idea is to better outsource payroll accounting so that there is more time to concentrate on the actual field of work. By Outsourcing the payroll an additional accountant is no longer necessary. The task is completely at one Service company for outsourcing, who are specialized in the subject area and thus also the technical knowledge and competence for processing the Pay slips bring.

In the test, the client still has the option of having a personal contact person with whom all questions can be clarified.

Accounting agencies and service provider usually work closely with management consultants and lawyers, which enables reliable cooperation in comparison. Outsourcing the payroll accordingly means handing over the task to an external person Service provider. This saves costs, as well as time and effort

How does payroll outsourcing work?

Outsourcing the payroll should above all better streamline business processes that Process complexity simplify and create better management capacity. A company is by outsourcing the Wage- and Pay slips becomes more flexible and can focus better on that Core business focus. The outsourced payroll and accounting can in test reduce the time and money required accordingly.

The external service provider takes over the whole Creation the Pay slips and do that To adjust of a separate Employee unnecessary, which costs additional money and only on this Area of ​​Expertise is specialized. Even if one Part-time office work is hired for this, they rarely have the necessary specialist knowledge. Companies specializing in this offer reliable and competent processing that takes place independently and on request. The company not only saves the accountant's salary, but also the ancillary costs, including you Progressive and Training costs or the cost of the needed Hard and Software.

Outsourcing therefore includes the commissioning external service providers who carry out the necessary and recurring tasks of the Wage- and Payroll take. Thanks to the specialist knowledge provided, errors that could result in subsequent costs are avoided. Are at the same time service provider not bound by collective bargaining agreements. Collective bargaining that could affect one's own company then does not apply to them Payroll accounting. Outsourcing payroll accounting is similarly beneficial if the company itself has to make savings. The work remains in the hands of the usual service provider and the costs are manageable in the test.

The Outsourcing the payroll can also be time-limited. The outsourcing will be handed over to an external company during the period of an absent specialist. This can be the case due to termination, pregnancy or illness.

Outsourcing is then a kind of test Interim solution, without the effort, one Employee to have to replace with a substitute and not a temporary employee Accountant must be hired who knows the short period of his activity and therefore not in the same Basis of trust can be employed. Every employee should be familiar with one Companies identify. A short-term one employment arouses little trust, while the external service provider has no problem with it, but takes over the outsourcing for the period for which it was commissioned.

Outsourcing the payroll allows always punctual and reliable Payroll for all employees. Most of the time, a specific service provider is used by external service providers Processing time guaranteed in the test. The data will be treated confidentially, and the System applications the service provider can be checked in advance. Data protection is in foreground and the entrepreneur or self-employed can be on a personal basis Contact Person who has taken over the processing and is also familiar with the facts and data.

The Outsource ensures that internal processes are not disrupted. The preparation of the payroll can be discussed individually. All Changes in the Income tax- and Social security law are through the Accounting company in comparison directly taken into account, so that no own Research necessary is. The evaluation and creation is comprehensible and usually very clear. Lots Companies also offer the option of sending an employee over for a personal interview for outsourcing.

The committed external Companies takes over the entire billing process so that everyone Employee Receive your pay slip punctually every month and the wages also end up in the employee's account at a fixed time. This avoids uneconomical work that would otherwise result from higher personnel and time expenditure. Outsourcing the payroll can always be set at a fixed price.

That allows an exact calculation the cost compared to the other options as an internal process. To do this, increase external service provider often in the test the Flexibility. That prevents personnel Vacation bottlenecks and reduces the general administrative burden. The processing is carried out on time and in a cost-optimized manner. The outsourcing of the Payroll The costs are matched to the scope of the payroll accounting.

When and for whom is outsourcing payroll important?

Outsourcing the Wage- and Payroll is especially for the self-employed, for small and medium-sized employees Companies interesting, as this work is usually much more time-consuming and also causes high costs due to the transfer of the task to an external person Companies can be lowered. An external service provider takes over the Pay slips, is hiring a designated Employee not necessary, which otherwise represents an additional cost burden.

Outsourcing the Payroll makes sense especially for start-ups who hand over the whole thing to an external company right from the start. For this, the comparison of the service providers is necessary in order to find the most cost-effective offer and find out about the competence to inform the companies in advance.

The outsourcing of the payroll Makes sense in many sectors if the area is clearly defined in the test and external services do Payroll administration relieve the burden favorably. This prevents process risks and also makes control work unnecessary. Outsourcing is therefore always interesting for companies that do not have an internal Employee specially for the accounting and payroll feature. Outsourcing payroll also protects against staff loss, e.g. B. by vacation, illness or pregnancy.

If an employee is designated for this, the delay will be delayed Payroll, this is temporarily canceled. A termination can also Problems that have negative consequences for the company. Falls personal Contact Person at the external service provider, the task is simply taken over by someone else with the same Competence. Accordingly, there can be no risk of staff absence in the test.

The creation of the payroll Surrendering to an external service provider allows the Companies full cost control. You can only book what is really necessary. The service provider will set a fixed price per Payroll and per Employee scheduled. This allows you to calculate ahead of time what the outsourcing will cost.
One of the main advantages of outsourcing Payroll in the test is the professionalism the external service provider.

The creation of the Payroll takes place according to unchangeable and strict patterns with legally correct Content. The service provider trains itself accordingly and knows all changes in the law that then affect the payroll Have influence. The company itself saves that Training costs and the effort of research. That’s just in the realm of Payroll necessary because nowhere else regulations and laws have a shorter one Half-life have than with wages.

Each Companies should bear in mind that buggy Pay slips may also include penalties or additional payments. Handing over the task to a competent and trained service provider makes it possible to hold them liable in the event of any errors, so that the costs are then reduced from service provider must be taken over. Not properly created Pay slips can e.g. B. Calculation error contain or overlook changes, which are then classified as social and tax law Obligation can be checked. The client then no longer has to bear these risks.

A typical one Companies, that is growth-oriented, mostly builds Administrative structures what is difficult for smaller companies in particular. Greater flexibility arises when the payroll is outsourced.

What types of outsourcing are there?

Outsourcing plays for Companies always a role when there is a general lack of know-how or of qualified personnel Employees exists for the department and costs are to be saved in order to payroll to give into other hands. This enables a higher performance internally, a better one concentration on your own core competencies, a lesser one Capital commitment and better Independence. This does not only apply to the areas of accounting and Payroll, but also for the IT sector and similar areas. Due to outsourcing there are none Investments in software and hardware or advanced and new technologies, as these are provided by the external service provider. The external third-party company also bears the liability.

The Outsourcing can as a cooperation or Outsourcing respectively. The following are also possible Basic forms:

Internal outsourcing of payroll accounting

The payroll is passed on internally to another area or to other companies. The Outsourcing of orders can also be done in your own company, e.g. B. in the form of temporary work or through the attitude of a freelance employee.

External outsourcing of payroll accounting

The Outsourcing is sent to an independent external service provider submitted. It can be global or regional. The agency does not have to be close by or can be selected directly on the Internet. The commissioning can be done temporarily or in the long term.

Which services can outsourcing payroll include and which are particularly important?

The Outsourcing the payroll is usually structured similarly in the test for external service providers. Will the Payroll taken over, the service provider first needs the master data of the company and all employees. This allows you to keep track of all monthly Movement sequences and data. These include New hires, layoffs, absences or similar changes. The salary is calculated individually, by the external service provider a monthly statement of earnings is drawn up for each employee and also put in a test envelope.

The external also takes over Accounting company reporting the data to everyone Social security agencies, the evidence at the Trade association and health insurance and the Input tax declaration at the tax offices. The same applies to the working time accounts or the administration of all vacation and sick days for employees.

To the services for outsourcing the payroll in comparison include the monthly creation of all Cost lists and the entire evaluation of the pay slips. Often, service providers in this specialist area also offer thepreparation of Payment transactions and the archiving of all data for the legally prescribed period. Not only for the client himself, but also for all employees Accounting firm the direct contact for all official Certificates of earnings.

The process of outsourcing the payroll is uncomplicated and understandable. Are all base data Once recorded, the entrepreneur can specify the point in time when the monthly salary payments are to be made. Shortly before this date, the Service agency a complete list of employees, which also contains all relevant information regarding the working hours, the overtime and the Vacation pay entitlement affect. Usually this is done in a period of 2 to 3 days, so that the payroll of all employees and the evaluation are available on time.

For outsourcing the payroll liability shifts to the agency. The latter is responsible for the care and examination of all documents and therefore takes responsibility in the event of errors. Since the Agentur liable, she values ​​competent and trained Experts.

When is it usually not useful to outsource payroll accounting?

Important for everyone Companies is to outsource certain tasks to an external party service provider to be handed over if these do not fall within the own key competence area. That includes that no Core competencies given, otherwise an unnecessary Addiction comes from the service provider. The advantage of outsourcing in the test is the high flexibility and the overview of the time. Company secrets should also be passed on to external parties Agencies not be passed on, which can always be regulated in the contract in advance in the test.

When a Agency is commissioned who brings the necessary specialist knowledge with them, it can happen that the competence in their own Companies subsides and is not built up internally. Will be outsourced, are Employee not obliged to acquire own knowledge in the test. It is therefore important to weigh carefully to what extent your own Employee be trained further as a Companies always grows and in the test also the Administrative structure changed. Many external service providers therefore also offer the Employee to train the company, e.g. B. when certain tasks are to be given again.

Any outsourcing of the payroll and others Accounting duties requires a certain Coordination and Communication effort. If this is not the case, it can Misunderstandings come because external service providers are not employees of their own company and are therefore not so deeply involved in the matter. Outsourcing is therefore never a pure one Instruct and handing in all tasks, but requires in collaboration and by means of an active exchange. External service providers are never bound by instructions Employee and bear your own risk. Correspondingly, a company cannot outsource and dispose of the payroll to others the contributions of individual employees for the Pension fund save on.

Outsourcing always means that important data is transferred to the external service provider need to be conveyed. Some employees fear data security, although strict in GermanyPrivacy Policy prevail to which also external Agencies need to hold in order to continue to operate. It is therefore important to inform yourself in advance about the security certificates of the BDSG of the companies and, if necessary, to subject them to a comparison.

The Outsource the payroll also makes no sense if the external agency does not assume full liability. The Regulations in the contracts are different and should always be checked carefully. It must be borne in mind that Companies although like the unrestricted liability preferred by the external service provider, but the latter the liability always want to keep it to a minimum. Therefore there is usually only one middle way possible, with which both parties should agree. The liability always depends on the Order and Performance volume himself off. Liability regulations with external parties always become difficult when the service provider z. B. must file for bankruptcy in the test. It is therefore a good idea to check the provider's insurance situation in advance.

What is the cost of outsourcing payroll?

Any outside agency responsible for outsourcing the payroll is commissioned, you will be paid for the task taken on in the test. This accounts for the actual costs for outsourcing, which in comparison should be significantly lower than those that were incurred in advance through internal tasks. It is true that there is a substantial Effort reduction, however, the delegation of tasks should be carried out externally service provider do not add to the cost.

The Billing takes place monthly at the external agencies. The costs for outsourcing a Wage- and Payroll do not list as they depend on many factors. Have influence z. B. the actual scope of services of the office, the number of employees Employee and the commissioned field of activity. With many external Service providers will be a fixed price per Employee agreed, who then z. B. 7 to 10 euros per employee. With 50 employees, 350 to 500 euros per month are then incurred for outsourcing payroll accounting.

It is possible that agencies Quantity bonuses offer or Flat-rate agreements of the fee. Basically anything that can do with the accounting has to be outsourced. The company can also assign other tasks to the service provider in the test that it does not want or cannot take on itself. Modern software is used, which also enables direct checking. In comparison it is Costs- and Expenditure of time the payroll in small Operated higher than when hiring an agency.

The bill of the external service provider can consist of a flat rate, performance-related costs and costs for Special services consist. The number of bookings and the Pay slips a role, also the amount of working hours required Service provider. Under Special services all changes can be counted that occur with the Workload and the process of the external agency itself. Unplanned processes can always occur, which then have to be discussed between the agency and the company.

The service providers for outsourcing payroll accounting are compared in the test

Just a look on the Internet is enough to get a number more competent Agencies to find the necessary know-how for the accounting and payroll offer and outsource the payroll make it possible temporarily or in the long term. A test can do the selection and in a direct comparison of the service provider also refer to cheap offers. The test refers to an extensive examination of advice, competence and the Expertise of the agencies to the Price- and Range of services, on the implementation of the service and the error analysis.

Each Service and Accounting company the required security certificates of the BDSG can show in the test. That makes im comparison possible that all companies that do not have an internal accounting department can benefit from external services. The test shows that outsourcing the payroll is always possible because the accounting every company is a self-contained process that is therefore not direct Points of contact to the Corporate tasks but can easily be given up. It is important in the test that the Payroll Should save time and money, not incur additional costs.

The test also checks how much value the external service provider places on his training and further education Employee lays. All Legislative changes must be known so that there is no faulty one payroll is created. The comparison makes it possible to see how costs can be saved in all areas if the internal training costs are also included and compared directly in the test. With the Outsourcing Competitive information should not be outsourced in the test and the data protection regulations should always apply. The Certification According to ISO 27001, the test is therefore strictly checked.

When does outsourcing payroll pay off?

Before the commissioning everyone should join an agency Entrepreneur deal extensively with the matter and properly weigh the extent to which this Outsourcing makes sense for payroll and how it can save money, time and effort. Outsourcing theSalary- and payroll pays off in the test, especially when it does

  • the focus on your own projects can be increased
  • Costs can be saved and fewer personnel are required who have to be trained or have a high level of specialist knowledge
  • external employees work more professionally and faster
  • the contractual conditions and liability claims are correct
  • reliable and punctual cooperation is possible
  • Sales can be increased
  • there is no accounting department of its own
  • your own time and effort is minimized
  • the performance of your own employees does not decrease.

What should I pay attention to when commissioning a company to outsource payroll accounting?

Outsourcing the payroll and others Areas of responsibility is a more complex project and can only succeed to everyone's satisfaction if there is a clear and concise structure, there is adequate communication and the reliability of the service provider is guaranteed. A distinction is usually made between “hard costs” and “soft costs”, especially those Personnel costs and the Payroll concern yourself. It is important to calculate in advance to what extent outsourcing payroll accounting would be worthwhile or whether it would be internal payroll is not cheaper and more sensible.

The cost of outsourcing the Payroll are added to the total costs of the project and form the basis for decision-making for or against outsourcing. All are important in the test Personnel costs for internal and external employees who Material- and Infrastructure costs at a glance, the costs of internal coordination or the management of external service providers and the costs for further training and additional work.

Risks in outsourcing the Payroll can be minimized if all factors are taken into account and an accurate one Costing is possible. Also Outsourcing projects the payroll can cause additional costs. The important thing is to advance on a fixed price for each Payroll per employee to agree and to carefully examine the liability of the agencies.

For smaller companies with a few Employees Outsourcing payroll is often convenient. Also for Company founder, who do not yet have their own employees for the special area of payroll and accounting, outsourcing payroll is worthwhile. It is necessary to estimate the total amount of work and time required and to check the competence and experience of employees and external service providers.

Introducing the leading service providers for payroll outsourcing

  • Payroll 24
  • Around office
  • ETL Bremerhaven
  • DPM
  • Wage specialist
  • Salario
  • Wage heroes
The accounting office "Payroll 24 " can be found on the Internet with its own website and offers competence in payroll with a very personal touch. Here companies can fall back on all-inclusive price offers with no hidden costs. With "Payroll 24" the fixed price for the full service is 6.90 euros. Personal contacts are available for advice and planning. For small and medium-sized companies with up to 2,000 employees, accounting systems from "SBS", "AGENDA" and "edlohn" are used. For larger companies, solutions with "SAP / HR".
over "Around Office" Companies can find the right specialist provider for payroll accounting and access a web form with the most important information for payroll accounting and the number of employees. The customer can also rely on comprehensive advice in the area of ​​payroll and accounting, for B. to be able to directly compare the advantages of a payroll office with an accounting company. With “Around Office”, important providers can register free of charge and are forwarded to companies.
The Companies takes over the bookkeeping, the payroll as well as areas of inheritance law and other household-related services. When it comes to tax advice, companies at this agency can, among other things, in the test, fall back on the areas of classic tax advice, financial accounting or payroll accounting. A personal advisor and comprehensive, extended advisory services are provided for each client so that the payroll is carried out transparently.
One of the free contacts for outsourcing payroll is "DPM". Here, the customer can fall back on a fixed price for the payroll from 4.90 euros per employee, whereby an extensive liability assumption takes place and a personal advisor is available. "DMP" offers flexible solutions for the areas of personnel management and personnel administration. The emphasis is less on the technical implementation of processes than on extensive solution concepts. Honesty, trust and loyalty are the foundations of the company.
The company is a professional at outsourcing payroll accounting "Wage specialist", which can also be found in his offer on the Internet. The agency has been working for over 25 years and offers legally compliant and accurate payroll accounting and other complex services that companies do not want to take on themselves. It is possible to use a full service for one hundred percent relief. The agency offers fixed and personal contact persons and the fixed price guarantee with no hidden costs.
"Salario" is a company that specializes as a payroll office in small and medium-sized companies and takes over the entire payroll accounting. This is possible at a low fixed price, which is EUR 4.99 for the first 6 months of testing and EUR 6.48 per bill when the contract is extended. The "Salario" service is already used by many different industries in Germany. It is necessary to set up all company and employee data in a company's own accounting system, the monthly accounting run taking into account all legal requirements, the timely reporting of all prescribed data and the payment list with all amounts and bank details.
The Agency "Wage heroes" works in the area of ​​payroll accounting in a cost-optimized, professional manner and with personal advice. Customers of this company are e.g. B. "ERGO", "Volkswagen", "Deichmann" or "REWE". Pay slips and the expertise of day-to-day personnel work are taken over. The number of employees for payroll does not matter. The offer for payroll accounting and outsourcing comes at a fixed price. The most modern accounting software is used. A specially trained and further trained staff at "Lohnhelden" deals with the payroll accounting for each individual employee and creates the necessary documents. The offer can be obtained online free of charge and without obligation.

Online or offline: where is the best place to complete my order for outsourcing payroll accounting?