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Heating whistles: That can mean it

of Anna pouch Updated: 06/26/2019

Does your heater whistle and make loud noises? We explain here what it could be and what can be done about it.

If the heater whistles or gurgles, it can be quite nerve-wracking in the long run. The annoying noises are also a reason for rent reduction if the sound limit of 30 dB in living rooms and bedrooms is exceeded. However, a rent reduction does not offer a quick remedy. Suitable countermeasures depend on the cause of the whistling noises, which are difficult to find out for a layperson. It is therefore advisable to first bleed the radiator. This is easy to do with most radiators and you don't have to call the plumber right away. Air in the heating system can cause the heater to whistle or make gurgling noises. A valve is attached to the top of the radiator for ventilation. You open this carefully by half a turn. For this you need a special ventilation key or a screwdriver. If there is excess air, you will hear a hissing sound. As soon as heating water emerges from the valve, you close the valve again. To avoid puddles on the carpet, you can place a container under the valve.

Heating whistles: ask a specialist for advice

If the venting did not lead to the desired result and the heating continues to whistle, there are several possible causes for this problem. The circulation pump may be set too high. In this case, the annoying noises can usually be turned off by regulating the speed. Other reasons are incorrect installation of the heating system, for example due to swapped pipes or an incorrectly set overflow valve. In these cases, you should call a plumber who will take a close look at the heating system. If you live in a rented apartment, you should first contact the property management. A whistling heating represents a lack of rent and has to be repaired by the landlord. Since the heating system connects all residential units in multi-storey houses, it is not advisable to attempt repairs yourself. Here it is better if a company is commissioned for heating and plumbing. The landlord has to pay for the repair costs if these were not caused by the tenant through improper use.