Were women instructed not to wear jewelry

Jewelry phobia. is there such a thing?

but that's a fun topic! Interestingly, I never found my aversion to any kind of jewelry a problem. I'm a woman too, but I've never had my ears pierced, refused to wear my children's watch (instead I learned to appreciate time myself and look at other people's watches, and now there is yes cell phones) and to get contact lenses as soon as possible instead of glasses.
My partner thinks it's great that there are women like that too, because he hates any kind of turmoil himself. There was never a problem with previous relationships either ... uh, I think anyway. I know a lot of people who are more natural to alternative in style. It's not like jewelery is compulsory, just public perception (advertising ...) is of course very much in that direction.
I can totally understand the disgust, by the way. Objects like that are very personal, in fact I associate them with third teeth and other prostheses, you don't necessarily have to want to touch them. I don't want it on myself either. Fortunately, it doesn't make a phobia.
Where it comes from - I have no idea. My father always spoke out very clearly against all kinds of junk and never wore the wedding ring. I might have copied that unconsciously. I can also imagine inherited likes / dislikes.

I wouldnâ € ™ t see disgust as a problem unless it seriously affects life. Seeing slime might be a little awesome ... You can be smart in other ways, with well-tailored clothes and accessories, or whatever that means

Many greetings!

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