Has the SNP reached its peak

The promotions to the Bundesliga in 2017 and 2019 mark two highlights in the recent club history of the SNP BasCats USC Heidelberg. Now another is added. For the first time, the SNP BasCats are in the Top4 for the DBBL Cup, i.e. among the best four German Cup teams. This Top4 will be held in Keltern on the weekend. In addition to the Heidelberg women, defending champions and hosts Rutronik Stars Keltern, last year's finalist TSV Wasserburg and the GiroLive Panthers will be there. At last year's Top4 tournament in Nördlingen, which was postponed to October due to Corona, Keltern had won the final 76:68 against Wasserburg (with today's BasCats player Alexandra Wittinger). Third place went to TK Hannover (86:79 against Nördlingen).

Twelfth place in the Bundesliga was anything but what the SNP BasCats wanted, but in the DBBL Cup the Heidelberg women were always there. It started with a 101: 61 at the second division Jahn Munich, followed by the hussar piece at the Lions Halle, where the BasCats won 73:62 with seven players and then the quarter-final victory with 93:65 against the Angels Nördlingen, with which they moved into DBBL Cup Top4 made it. This takes place on Saturday and Sunday in the Keltern district of Dietlingen. “The cup competition is our highlight this season,” said Britta Daub on Friday in the DBBL talk on youtube. The BasCats captain sees her team as underdogs, but "if we defend well, we can win games," said the development player.

The lot meant well with the SNP BasCats, not top favorite, defending champion and host Rutronik Stars Keltern, not Bundesliga runner-up TSV Wasserburg, but the GiroLive Panthers Osnabrück are opponents in the semi-finals. The table sixth was beaten in the Bundesliga home game 79:75, in Osnabrück there was a three-digit defeat (79: 104). "We have to remember the second game," said coach Dennis Czygan, who expects a very physical game with lots of points. In Lower Saxony, the development player Jenny Strozyk was last injured, she is very much missing from the team. The top performers are Samantha Fuehring (on average 17 points, ten rebounds), Allazia Blockton, Kata Takacs, Emma Eichmeyer or the recovered Milica Cuic, wife of trainer Aleksandar Cuic.

Should the SNP BasCats win, they would be in the German Cup final on Sunday afternoon, and if they were defeated, the loser Keltern against Wasserburg would make it for third place. "Reaching the finals would make amends for what has happened to us," said Czygan. The serious injuries of all three Americans, failures of Ieva Bagdanaviciene and Inja Butina and much more. "I said before the season that we would get into the playoffs, and I am still convinced that we haven't had such a good team in Heidelberg." But if first Kyla Irwin, then Madison Nelson, and Olivia, who was signed up, will be out Nash also has to undergo knee surgery, then the original goal could not be achieved. He is reinforced by many statements from the league rivals. "Wasserburg's trainer Sidney Parsons told me it couldn't be that we were last and Keltern's manager Dirk Steidl said that with the Top4 we could show that we can do better."

Incidentally, Czygan makes it clear that the SNP BasCats will definitely play in the 1st Bundesliga next year and that he is striving for continuity in the squad. If possible, there should not be another major upheaval.

DBBL Cup Top4 in Keltern, Saturday, 3 p.m .: SNP BasCats - Panthers Osnabrück; 6 pm: Rutronik Stars Keltern - TSV Wasserburg; Sunday, 1 p.m .: Game for third place; 4 pm: Final. (All games in the livestream at sporttotal.TV).

Further information:

This is how the league games against Osnabrück went:

20. December 2020: Panthers Osnabrück - SNP BasCats 104: 79.

Shorthand: 26:20 (10th), 61:47 (half time), 78:59 (30th), 104: 79 (final score).

Points Panthers Osnabrück: Fuehring 24/2, Eichmeyer 15, Cuic 11/2, Bühner 11, Strozyk 10, Takacs 9/1, Blockton 9, Dölle 7, Knopp 5, Poros 3/1.

SNP BasCats points: Nelson 18, Butina 14/3, Nash 14/2, Worthmann 9/2, Bagdanaviciene 7/1, Daub 7/1, Moravcikova 6, Palenickova 2, Kleinert 2, Karavassilis.

Rebounds: 43:32 (Osnabrück / SNP BasCats): Fuehring 12, Bühner 8, Cuic 5 - Nash 10, Moravcikova 6, Nelson 5.

Throwing rate from the field: 69,6:39,6 %

Quota of three: 35,3:28,1% (6/17:9/32)

Free throw rate: 84,6:73,7%

Ball losses: 19:15.

January 30, 2021: SNP BasCats - Panthers Osnabrück 79:75.

Shorthand: 8: 2 (2nd), 8: 8 (4th), 19:14 (8th), 19:19 (10th), 27:19 (12th), 27:26 (13th), 35: 31 (17th), 41:34 (half-time), 41:39 (22nd), 47:43 (26th), 50:49 (30th), 50:51 (31st), 57:53 (33rd) .), 62:57 (35.), 68:57 (37.), 70:61 (38.), 72:68 (39.), 75:70 (0:17), 76:75 (0: 09), 79:75 (final score).

SNP BasCats points: Freije 17/1, Worthmann 13/3, Bagdanaviciene 12, Daub 11/1, Moravcikova 10, Palenickova 7, Wittinger 5/1, Butina 3/1, Karavassilis.

Points Panthers Osnabrück: Blockton 25, Fuehring 14, Takacs 12, Eichmeyer 11, Knopp 3/1, Strozyk 3/1, Poros 3/1, Dölle 2, Fikiel 2, Bühner.

Rebounds: 41:38 (BasCats / Osnabrück): Freije 9, Moravcikova 7, Wittinger 5, Palenickova 5, Bagdanaviciene 5 - Dölle 7, Team 7, Blockton 6.

Throwing rate from the field: 42,57%: 46,9%

Three: 26,9%: 18,8 (7:26/3:16)

Free throws: 82,8:83,3%

Ball losses: 19:21

Michael Rappe

Photo (Andreas Gieser): Last year, Alexandra Wittinger (here in the league game against Osnabrück's Tonja Dölle) was in the final with Wasserburg. Can she do it this time with the SNP BasCats?