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Hong Kong

Vacation in Hong Kong - a window into Far Eastern culture

Experience the fascination of Hong Kong on vacation - that is the dream of many world travelers. But what actually makes the metropolis on the South China Sea so special? It is the combination of western comfort and the strong cultural influence of China. In Hong Kong you can experience Far Eastern culture - traditional as well as modern - and enjoy numerous amenities of the former British colony. You can easily communicate in English anywhere on your city trip to Hong Kong. The elegant malls as well as the fascinating street markets invite you to spend days shopping and the view from the Kowloon peninsula on Hong Kong Island is certainly one of the most impressive in the world. Skyscrapers nestle against each other like matches and in the valleys between the high mountains. In the evening, when thousands of lights illuminate the city, the famous laser and light show “Symphony of Lights” begins. Don't miss the scenic views from Victoria Peak of the skyscrapers, Victoria Harbor, the mountains and the ocean. Incidentally, you can also get a nice impression when taking the historic double-decker tram across the island. You can find inspiration about interesting sights before your vacation in Hong Kong in over 2,000 travel tips from DER.COM and with the help of around 1,700 DER travel experts.

Culture and cuisine

You will get one of the most beautiful insights into the way of life of the locals through the religious buildings and the local dishes. What you will notice during your trip is the large number of Taoist and Buddhist temples. There are more than 600 temples and monasteries in and around Hong Kong, some of which are over a hundred years old. The oldest temple is the mystical Man Mo Temple: the light falls here sparsely through the heavy air, which is soaked by many incense coils. Then enjoy the culinary diversity of the metropolis. You will be surprised that the Chinese food you know from Germany is so different from traditional Hong Kong cuisine. The most famous delicacies are dumplings - steamed dumplings with a wide variety of fillings. These are stylishly served in a bamboo basket. Grilled meats, soy chicken and duck are also very popular. In addition, white rice and of course soy sauce is served for seasoning. Don't be surprised if whole grilled ducks, chickens and vegetables hang in the windows of many small restaurants - that's the figurehead. Tofu dishes are also very popular in Hong Kong. Whether savory or sweet with fresh mangoes - creativity knows hardly any limits here.

Scenic beauty of a metropolis

You will find an unusual amount of green for a city of millions in the immediate vicinity of urban Hong Kong. During your vacation in Hong Kong, for example, go to Lantau Island, the largest of the more than 200 islands. Hong Kong's public transport system is very well developed with the subway, buses and trams. You can reach the impressive, monumental statue of the Big Buddha either by cable car or by bus. From up here you also have an impressive view of the picturesque mountains. How about a hike to the highest point - Lantau Peak? Or you can continue to the wooden stilt village Tai-O. With a little luck you can watch the rare white dolphins here. On the way back, be sure to get off at Cheung Sha Beach, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Hong Kong. Early spring or late autumn is best for this tour.