What does CAA or CAB stand for?

Abbreviation ABC for automobile and motor vehicle technology C

Important abbreviations on this page:

CAN - Controller Area Network CAPS - Combined Active and Passive Safety
CDC - Continuous Damping Control CGI - Stratified Charged Gasoline Injection Abbreviation importance Remarks



Closed structure with reduced interior space at the rear, fixed roof, with at least 1 row of seats, mostly sporty; French: "coupé" (cut off).


Speed ​​on tires

Corresponds to 60 km / h

C. commercial Reference to a reinforced carcass structure in van tires C. capacitor Device identification in circuit diagrams according to DIN 40719 C. dimmed headlights Code letter on headlights C. chassis Chassis (e.g. for error codes) C. orange Cable color code at FiatC. landing gear Abbreviations for OBD error codes C. corrosive Property of a hazardous substance according to the Ordinance on Hazardous SubstancesC2Indicator lightan additional green indicator light for monitoring the trailer indicators C2CCar to Car wireless communication between vehicles, see also C2CCC and C2IC2CCCCar to Car Communication ConsortiumMerger of Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen; The aim is to create standards for C2C or Car2I communication with WLAN, in the USA:
VSCC2ICar to Infrastructurewireless communication between vehicles and traffic lights or signs, C2X Car-to-X communication Car to environment communication, comparable. with C2I


Convertible, convertible

Also roadster or spider, open body, fixed or flexible roof (open, closed or removed)

CA Closing assist Closing aid CA Crank Angle Crank angle (degrees)CACellulose acetate Thermoplastic plastic, made of cellulose in a reaction with acetic acid - textile fibers and LC displays C / A code Coarse / acquisition code The civil pseudo-random code used roughly / recorded when navigating by GPS ensures good reception CAB Captured air bubble engl. f. foams CAC Customer Assistance Center DaimlerChrysler Customer Service Center CAC Charge Air Cooler Intercooler CAC Combined Air Control  


Computer aided design

Computer-aided drawing, use in vehicle development

CAE Computer Aided (Assisted) Engineering Computer-aided design CaFCP Californian Fuel Cell Partnership Cooperation between different companies for the development of fuel cell vehicles CAG Computer controlled automatic transmission at VW CAL Computer aided lightning Computer-calculated lighting systems for free-form reflectors




CAM Computer Aided (Assisted) Manufacturing Computer-aided manufacturing


Controller Area Network

Computer-aided data bus system for serial data transmission (different control units exchange their information)

CAN di CAN Diagnostic Interface CAN diagnosis interface, at Opel CAN-H or CAN-HI CAN high CAN signal with higher voltage CAN-L or CAN-LO CAN low CAN signal with lower voltage CAPS Combined Active and Passive Safetyfrom BOSCH; Networking of active and passive safety systems such as ESP, BAS, airbag control; CAPS functions: brake priming, driver warning, belt slack reduction, closing windows, activating airbags, reporting an accident, etc. CaravanStation wagonat Opel


California Air Resources Board

California Air Pollution Control Authority

CARB Carburator engl. Carburetor CARE car Concept for Advanced Recycling and Environment Concept car with a high proportion of recycled materials, from Daimler Chrysler in the Dodge Stratus CARIN Car Information and Navigation System from BMW CAS Computer Aided Service (system) Diagnostic test system, self-diagnosis system (guided troubleshooting) via PC and KTS 500 from Bosch, together with SIS CAS Collision Avoidance System Collision avoidance system, at Opel CASCar Access System BMW access system

Cat, CAT

Catalyst or catalytic converter

Exhaust catalyst

CAT Computer aided testing Testing with computer helpCATS Active Suspension System Active suspension, from Jaguar CB Orange-white Cable color code at Fiat


Cornering Brake Control (BMW)

Prevents breaking out when braking in curves; takes away brake pressure on the inside of the curve; works below the control threshold of the ABS, e.g. in the new MINI

CBT Computer based training Individual learning on site (workshop) on the PC (offline), from Daimler Chrysler, in contrast to F2F, see also WBT, Akubis CC Compact Casette  CC check controlCollective term for the functions of lamp monitoring, lamp failure control and lamp tester, mostly integrated in an on-board computer, shows failures of e.g. low beam or brake light CC Cruise control Cruise control cc cubic centimeter engl. cm3 , 1000 cm3 = 1 l C / C Clutch cover Clutch cover CCC Climate Control Sensor measures CO2-Content of the air inside the vehicle, f. Air conditioning, v. Bosch Cci Continuosly Chassis Control Concept Damper and suspension control from Volvo CCD Charged-Coupled Devices special electronic chips for image capture (digital camera) CCD Comprehensive Components Diagnosis Diagnostic system that checks all electrical components and output stages for function by determining the voltage drop on the respective component CCD Continuosly Controlled Damping Electronic damper control from Ford or Volvo CCM Check control module Central control module, e.g. from BMW ccm Cubic centimeter outdated for cm3, e.g .: Unit of the volume of the cubic capacity


Commitee des Constructeurs dÁutomobiles du Marche Commun

Developed engine tests since 1983, which lubricating oils had to pass, replaced by ACEA in 1993

CCSCombined charging system Fast charging connector for e-cars. based on the type 2 plug, see also E-car charging CCS Combined Combustion System Combustion principle between diesel and Otto processes with temporary homogeneous combustion based on synthetic fuels (BTL) and engine management based on cylinder pressure; combines BDE and CR, ready for series production from 2010, from VW ccw counter clockwise counterclockwise, e.g. direction of rotation of the motor; s.a. cw CD compact disc  CD Control display BMW CD Clutch disc Clutch disc CDA Cylinder deactivation Cylinder deactivation CDC Continuous damping control electronic stepless damper control from Sachs e.g. for Opel, Mercedes Actros and MAN, from ZF, see with PDC


Compact Disc Changer

CD changer


Common Rail Direct Injection

Common Rail memory injection in Mercedes and Smart, see also CRS

CDI Capacitor discharge ignition High voltage capacitor ignition (HKZ) CDL Central door locking Central door lock, at OpelCD-PCD playerin the car marketCDPFCatalyst based Diesel Particulate FilterDiesel particulate filter based on a catalyst CD-ROM Compact Disc - Read Only Memory   CDS Dynamic stability control Component from Peugeot, (ESP = CDS + ASR)CDTI Diesel direct injection with turboOpel abbreviationCELIS Central Lighting System Lighting system from HellaCEN Comité Européen de Normalization European "DIN"CEM Central Electric Module Central electronic module, from VOLVOCEPClean Energy Partnership Joint project by ARAL, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Linde, MAN, Opel and others to improve the everyday usability of hydrogenCES Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension Infinitely adjustable shock absorbers through external electromagnetic valves, from Monroe, e.g. in the AUDI A6CF Continuous feature Comfort actuationCFCCAN frequency controlElectronic installation kit, for vehicles with CAN data bus, see AFC


Continuous Fuel Injection

continuous injection, see KE-Jetronic

CFI Central Fuel Injection Central injection CFI Cylinder-individual fuel injection cylinder-specific gasoline injection, see also CIFI CFC ChloroFlouroCarbons Fluorine Chlorine Hydrocarbons (CFC) CFCP California Fuel Cell Partnership see also CaFCP CFRP Carbon fiber reinforced plastic Mainly used in racing, BMW develops passenger cell, see also GRP CFPP Cold filter plugging point The filter clogging point, due to the paraffin separation of the diesel, is between -20 ° and -25 ° C CG clean and green clean and green, based on the engine CGH2 Compressed Gas Hydrogenium Gaseous hydrogen compressed under high pressure, alternative drive at. Fuel cells; see also LH2 CGI Stratified Charged Gasoline Injection Direct gasoline injection with stratified charge through the throttle valve, with supercharging, from Daimler Benz; (now also beam-guided) CGI Clean gas induction Exhaust gases are filtered and cooled before being returned to the engine, at Caterpillar