Christmas is stressful for financial reasons

Hello everybody,

Christmas is coming! While this is a reason to be happy, especially for the children, it triggers one thing above all else for many: stress. For me there were constant questions like:

  • Who has to be given presents?
    • With large families, that alone can be a problem. I know families who don't spend Christmas in large groups only because it is either financially or logistically a problem to get presents for everyone.
  • What do I give her or him now?
    • In the best case, you will be given one or more specific requests (keyword wish list) But I've never seen it in adults.
    • Normally you are at a loss, you get: "I don't need anything." back and then grab some money or give away the third cinema voucher in a row.
  • Is my gift also appropriate?
    • This then leads to such great dialogues as: “Oh thanks for that 30€ Drugstore voucher. I hope you enjoy yours 25€ Amazon voucher too. " while you think to yourself: “Damn it, I would have too 30€ taken, but the map from Amazon that I quickly printed out earlier looks so great, it will 5€ Tear out the difference for sure. "

For these reasons we have for our Christmas party with the family last year suggested:

  • The hosts get a little something.
  • The children are of course also given presents.
  • Otherwise we don’t give each other anything except a nice evening.

Of course you have to discuss something like this openly and you can't just dictate it. And not everyone was enthusiastic about it.

But in the end everyone agreed, even them “It's not a real Christmas then and what are we doing there all evening?” - parliamentary group at least let himself be persuaded once To taste.

And exactly this fraction then asked me recently analogous: “You, Christmas last year was great, without that Gift stress. Do we want to do that again this year? "

I wouldn't mind. On the one hand you can look at hundreds save, on the other hand you don't get one in exchange for it junkthat you may not even need and then have to resell or return.

And on the other hand, the pre-Christmas season actually becomes for me the anticipation of Christmas and not a shopping hunt (and yes: Shopping online can also be stressful).

In an age in which I can order everything I need at any time with a click of the mouse, I think our gift culture has long been obsolete.

Give yourselves time and attention! Christmas is the ideal setting for this. Other gifts will be overrated.


That was my blog post for the first Advent. I wish you a nice Sunday.


How do you handle the gifts? Similar ? Or do you have other approaches?