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From the heart to the mood, the benefits of walking are considerable. You will be amazed what a simple walk can do!

Have you ever thought about how good a run is? If you're always busy and don't have enough time to exercise, you should at least 30 minutes a day plan for a walk. It will bring you more benefits than you can imagine. Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates said that walking was "the best medicine," and numerous recent studies confirm this. Let's find out all of the Benefits of Walking + 5 Good Habits that you can use at home and on vacation to get more exercise, feel better, and lessen our impact on the planet.

Walking is healthy for body and soul!

According to research by the London School of Economics walking is the best gym for staying fit. You don't need any special equipment or go to a specific location, if you can to go for a walk, you can manage yourself as you like. Choose to do this in company or solitude and whenever and wherever you want. Your body and mind will thank you!

Between 1999 and 2012, a study by the London School of Economics shows how the bodies of 50,000 patients responded to gymnastics compared to normal walking. The results of the study confirm that walking at a brisk pace for half an hour each day is the best way to lose weight and stay fit. Walking is the most natural movement - the English experts have summed it up - running for half an hour a day is better than going to the gym to keep fit.

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1. Walking is good for your vision

While we often sit in front of a computer or read a book, cook, or spend time in an enclosed space like home or office every day, a stroll in the open air is special for us eyes good when we are in the middle of nature and practice the view in the distance. It seems like a minor thing, but it's not always that obvious.

2. Walking reduces the risk of diabetes

The benefit of walking doesn't just bend Joint, heart and lung problems before, but also accelerates the metabolism and lower that diabetes Risk: Walking actually helps break down glucose and activates the entire body, making it work much faster and more fluidly.

3. Walking helps to strain and train the muscles

You will be taking advantage of it every day Walking for at least 30 minutes see with your own eyes. With resistance and in combination with a healthy diet and sufficient rest time you will find how much just taking a walk can help you burn assimilated fats, lose weight, or maintain your healthy weight and be excellent too Muscle building Exercise to act.

You tighten your muscles when you walk, image by Arek Adeoye via Unsplash

4. Walking and exercise keep you healthier

Thanks to the better function of the Circulatory system will be your Immune defense more active, increases the release of edorphin and stimulates the lymphatic system and that Reduced stress level therefore you will feel calmer: this is a basic requirement for your immune system to work more effectively. These are advantages of walking and exercise.

5. Reduce the risk of breast cancer

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, menopausal women who regularly run at least 30 minutes a day have one lesserBreast cancer risk 10% less than women who live without exercise. Other significant advantages of walking and movement which should not be underestimated.

6. Running trains the heart

The heart is a muscle: the more you train it, the stronger it becomes. By keeping your heart rate under control, you will see how much constant walking makes the circulatory system more efficient and the Oxygen supply Your body can ease.

7. Walking reduces cellulite

Each step is like a massage that delocalizes the subcutaneous fat and fights the so-called orange peel. If we sit for a long time, perhaps with our legs crossed, the circulation is not fluid and the Cellulite can increase. Only benefits of walking and exercise for your body! Get in the habit of taking a nice walk after work and you will forget about this problem!

8. Walking extends life

With a simple 25 minutes Long and regular strolls can turn your life around Extend 3 to 7 years, the scientists confirm. In fact, walking halves the risk of a heart attack after 50 and reduces the chances of getting sick. That way, you can live healthier and longer lives.

Walking in nature removes stress and improves creativity Photo by Caleb Jones vi Unsplash

9. Walking meetings to be more creative

The benefits of walking aren't just physical, however. Walking frees the mind, distracts you and lets your imagination run wild.
Even better if you hike in the middle of nature: here you breathe clean and good air, feel more relaxed and more inspired. Several successful people, like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, have taken up walking. In Silicon Valley (and in other places), too "Walking Meetings" spread, d. H. Business meetings held outdoors. Because walking promotes concentration and creativity. Are you ready to make room for new ideas?

10. Walking puts you in a good mood

If you Mind lighter is, you feel more relaxed and are good mood. In fact, an English study shows how walking in the country can save you from negative thoughts. Take the time to distract yourself from all of the day-to-day commitments and focus on yourself.

5 tips for going on vacation more often

Walking has incredible benefits for our physical and mental health. But how can you walk more often? Here are 5 good habits to adopt:

1) Awaken your body with a walk

After a day at work, while sitting or in front of a desk, we feel tired and numb. Too much Sedentary lifestyle and that can too Back pain, slow metabolism, and other joint problems. But with the right amount of exercise to keep your body active, you can counteract these problems and feel better about yourself.

2) The good habit of walking to work

First of all, every opportunity is good to take advantage of a beautiful Walk to use. If you live near your workplace, leave your car at home, get out of the house a few minutes early and go on foot. Not only is this good for you, it is also good for the environment as you will reduce car pollution in your little way and have no traffic problems. On the other hand, if you need to use your car, find one Parking lot far enough awayto be able to take a few steps.

3) Go for a walk on vacation

When you are on vacation instead of always traveling by car or bus, you should look for destinations that are closest to your accommodation Easy to get to on foot are.
You can choose easily accessible destinations without a car, e.g. B. the Alpine Pearls, which offer various possibilities to move freely and plan beautiful routes on foot.

4) Go near the of the house

At home, after lunch, or before or just after work, a Walk also a relaxation be to daily stress to relax, to enjoy a little outdoors, to digest the meal better, to listen to your favorite music to relax and to think about what is preoccupying your thoughts. However, if you don't enjoy hiking in alone you can always call someone to help you Walk in company to do. The benefits of walking and exercise are numerous. It will be even more fun and time will go by in an instant. A walk will thus be a perfect time to spend with friends.

5) Walking with the 4 - legged friend

“I'm going for a walk the dog!” There is no better excuse to go. Especially when you are older, a dog doesn't just bring you society in your days, it is also an excellent reason to go and get exercise. In addition, one study found that dogs are not only owners more active but also do much more sport when they are accompanied by their dog and do not give up the walk even in bad weather. So the benefits of walking and exercising are really many!

Having a dog is a great incentive to walk, photo by Luiza Sayfullina via Unsplash

What do you think? What strategies do you use to walk more often when you are on vacation?

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