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The story about Natalee Holloway and what happened

It should be the grand finale their school days. 2005 traveled Natalee Holloway with friends to Aruba to celebrate your high school graduation. But she should never return. The biggest Parents nightmare came true: the own daughter disappeared without a trace.

For Natalee Mutters an odyssey began between Hope and tremble. From the beginning she supported the police with the Investigations and even visited the alleged murderer in prison for answers. But the murderer remains silent about the act to this day. Nearly 15 years After the disappearance of your daughter, her mother returned from a whole special reason back to the island.

1. Natalees first years and your family.

Natalee was in the southern State of Tennessee Born and lived there with her parents Dave and Beth Holloway until their divorce in 1993. Her mother later married Natalee's stepfather George "Jug" Twitty. The family moved too Mountain Brook, a wealthy community in Alabama.

There she visited the local High school and successfully completed it in summer 2005. Natalee had a little brother named Matthew who was in tenth grade in high school at the time of her disappearance. At school, Natalee was popular and one excellent student. She graduated with honors from her final exams at Mountain Brook High School.

2. She was a popular girl with a bright future.

Outside of school, Natalee went many hobbies to. It belonged to the local Dance group and was a member of the National Honor Society. Natalee had already planned her future as well. After Graduation ceremony in Aruba she wanted to pack her things and begin studying at the prestigious University of Alabama.

This was a dreamshe had worked for a long time. Her hard work paid off and she landed one of the coveted scholarships. Natalee knew she was studying at the University of Alabama no child's play would be. In order not to lose her scholarship, she had to steadily good grades and would therefore not have much time left for vacations.

3. With Aruba, she fulfilled a dream.

All the more so more important was her trip to Aruba with her friends. The young graduates wanted to really celebrate again before the Seriousness of life caught up with them. In total, 125 former Mountain Brooke High School students boarded the plane to Aruba in May 2005. There were also 7 on board supervisorwho, much to the chagrin of the students, should always keep an eye on the troops.

Natalee's mother had no concernsto send her 18-year-old daughter on this trip. On the one hand the students were accompanied by supervisors, on the other hand Natalee was one well behaved girl. She hardly drank alcohol, rarely went to parties, and was never in difficulties devices.

4. Wrong place at the wrong time.

Also on guys Natalee had shown little interest so far. A year after the disappearance of her daughter, the mother gave an interview in the Vanity Fair magazine. There she reported that she had said goodbye to her daughter with a light heart, knowing that Natalee was not going to high-risk behavior inclined.

A decision that she profoundly made only a few days later to regret should. Beth did not take her daughter to the airport herself on the morning of May 26, 2005. Instead she drove up with Natalee and a large suitcase Natalee's girlfriend and dropped her there. The girls had an appointment to together to the airport to drive and wanted to get in the mood for the coming trip together.

5. A goodbye forever.

In the adoption nobody realized this the last time would be that Beth would hold her daughter in her arms. Before departure, they had agreed that Beth would come to pick up the young woman from the airport after her vacation in the Caribbean. Tragically, Natalee's seat on the plane would be empty on the way home and return without her.

It was then inconceivablythat something should happen to the youngsters. Natalee's mother had them as a Model student and good girl and the other school leavers also came from a respectable family and a quiet small town. It had on previous high school trips no problem given.

6. Failed.

According to the police however, clearly beat the group of Mountain Brook High School graduates upon arrival in Aruba over the strands. Police commissioner Gerold Dompig, who was investigating the case of the missing Natalee, later stated that the vacationers had the famous one Party atmosphere enjoyed the island to the full and sometimes went too far.

As a commissioner, Dompig had already seen several groups of tourists and was with him Behavior of the partygoers very familiar. He did not want to demonize the children, but he was clearly shocked by what happened in May 2005. The Police report provides more information on the type of behavior that the police inspector remembered.

7. Wild parties and binge drinking.

Accordingly, the graduates lodged hilarious and negligent Behavior during the day, which was not hidden from the hotel staff. The group had stayed at the local Holiday Inn and, due to their behavior, had already House ban for the coming year receive. Wild parties until late in the morning, uninhibited Binge drinking In the rooms and constantly changing hotel rooms, the staff had made such a drastic decision.

The supervisors visited the young people in the hotel every day, but left the young people lots of freedom. Previous school trips have been quiet so far, but that should change. Despite their alertness the caretakers could not prevent the tragedy that was to catch up with the group.

8. The disappearance of Natalee.

Aruba is considered by many travelers to be safe vacation area. The greater the shock than Natalee the day before the return trip disappeared without a trace. She was last seen outside a popular bar at 1:30 am on May 30th. When Natalee did not arrive in the hotel lobby at the appointed time, her mother became Beth informed immediately.

Beth immediately started hers own research and found out that Natalee was seen getting into the Dutchman's car Joran van der Sloot and two of his friends rose. Even if the young man looked inconspicuous, he was well known to the hotel staff. He apparently approached young tourists more often.

9. Contradicting statements.

Confronted with To provethat he had spent time with the pretty graduate, Joran admitted Contradictory statements about what had happened that evening. First, he said he had Natalee at the hotel deposed, later he changed his statement and said he had it at the beach last seen.

While initially other suspects were arrested, Beth was always sure that Joran the killer her daughter was. But the evidence wasn't enough, and so Joran and his friends became never prosecuted for the murder. Two years after her disappearance, authorities closed the case without Natalee ever being found.

10. A mother doesn't give up.

While the authorities closed the case, fought Natalee's mother continues. Joran changed his statements several times over the years and got entangled in Contradictions. Ultimately, Beth even left Joran $ 25,000 so that he would lead her to the remains of Natalee.

Joran didn't keep his word and disappeared instead with the money to Lima. 5 years Exactly on the day after Natalee's disappearance, another young woman named Stephany Flores came to Lima for Ramirez the same fate home. She was also last seen with the Dutchman van der Sloot. The police entered Joran's hotel room and found the young woman there murdered before.

11. Late justice for Natalee.

Van der Sloot managed to escape at first, but in the end he confessed however, the murder of Ramirez and became one in January 2012 28 years imprisonment sentenced. He gave up Natalee's murder never to, even if he is said to have bragged about it to fellow inmates.

Natalee's mother returned in 2019 back to Aruba. While the island has always been full terrible memories After van der Sloot's conviction, she was finally able to return after many years the beauty perceive the island. She feels her daughter is here Near and has peace closed with the island. And she hopes Natalee knows how much her mother for her fought Has.