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Wedding games: ideas for groomsmen

Every best man should know these wedding games

Wedding games? Yes! The long list of tasks that a best man takes on before and during the wedding also includes a few very pleasant activities - and by that we mean not just organizing the groom's bachelorette party, which is certainly one of the most fun.

The actual wedding celebration after the church or civil ceremony is partly planned by the best man. Among other things, he should come up with ideas for some wedding games.

Anyone who has already been given this task can confirm that creativity is required. To help you, we have put together a few ideas in our groomsmen guide and give you tips so that you can hit the bull's eye when choosing the games for the wedding.

Party games at the wedding - yay or nay?

Before you brainstorm and come up with great games, you should ask yourself an important question: Do the newlyweds even want party games to be part of the wedding celebration?

Not everyone is into games - especially if they could be encouraged to have the bride or groom make themselves the proverbial fruit. Caution is therefore advised.

In addition, game planning should never be done without the involvement of those who are organizing the wedding reception. Otherwise it happens all too quickly that your best man ideas collide with those of the wedding planners, which in the worst case leads to bad blood.

Games for the wedding - the basic rules

If it is clear that wedding games are desired and that there is time for them, then there are some basic rules to be observed.

Rule number 1: Wedding games shouldn't take too long. You should plan a maximum of half an hour per game, otherwise the whole thing will be too lengthy.

Rule number 2: Just don't choose games that are too fancy - and not too complex either. If half of the guests (and possibly even the bridal couple) are overwhelmed with your game idea, then the whole thing won't be fun.

And rule number 3: The number of players must match the number of guests. It would be extremely uncomfortable if only some of the guests were included and the rest had to watch in boredom or frustrated.

The only exception: A game is only aimed at the newlyweds and, if necessary, the closer family circle. Then the other guests can also watch in amusement.

Once these fundamental questions have been clarified, things can get down to business. It is important to find the perfect game for the respective wedding.

Since we don't know your bride and groom and therefore cannot give you a tailor-made tip, we have put together a few categories for you. One will certainly fit the wedding for which you are responsible as best man.

Game ideas for weddings (and hen parties)

Games for tradition-conscious people: from sawing a tree trunk to raising a balloon

Basically, there is little you can do wrong if you limit yourself to the traditional games.

The classics include, for example, the wedding heart to be cut out and a painting that the guests make together for the bride and groom.

While in the first game only the bride and groom are active again and use rather blunt scissors to cut a huge heart about two by two meters out of a cloth (for example a bed sheet), the second game idea is one for all guests.

Everyone either paints a piece of a given motif in their own special way or designs their own small work of art for the couple on a piece of canvas assigned to them.

The classics also include the joint sawing of a (not too thick) tree trunk by the newlywed couple, as well as raising balloons.

The guests note their congratulations to the bride and groom on greeting cards that are attached to the balloons. Then the wedding party lets the balloons and their wishes soar into the sky together.

Games for risk-takers: from the guessing lesson to the leg show

The classics of wedding games, which are not necessarily equally popular with every couple, include a lot of guessing games that are about recognizing your partner or showing that you know them well.

In these games, the newlyweds are generally the focus and the guests watch - and have a lot of fun. According to Froonck Matthée, who is the wedding planner on the air as Frank on the special-interest broadcaster Sixx, the variant “How well do I know my partner” is well suited even for more reserved couples.

The two partners are asked questions, which they answer - sitting back to back - by holding up their shoes. If your creativity quickly reaches its limits when formulating the questions, then we recommend you take a look at the website of wedding artist Reinhard Ottow, who has put together 50 questions.

The leg show and the kissing mouth game are much more cheeky. The former is aimed at the bride, who has to feel several man's legs blindfolded and find out the thighs of her husband.

The latter, on the other hand, is aimed at the groom: several women put on their lipstick and press their mouths firmly onto a sheet of paper. The groom now has to guess which mouth belongs to his wife.

Games for those looking for competition: from car races to cooking duels

If the bride and groom love a challenge, then competitive games could be an interesting variant, which not only require a little effort from the bride and groom, but are also fun for the guests.

An entertaining idea is the housework competition. The couple is seated across from each other at a table on which the necessary utensils are ready. Both of them have to do several household chores one after the other or in parallel, such as mending a bicycle tube, peeling a bowl full of potatoes, whipping egg whites by hand or sewing a button on.

Whoever finishes first gets a prize. TV wedding planner Froonck Matthée also proposes a cooking duel in which the given dishes should be cooked as quickly as possible.

A car race is also funny, in which the groom is supposed to cope with a given course in a bobby car, for example - but blindfolded and only based on the instructions of his wife.

Games for sports enthusiasts: from a trip to Jerusalem to wedding darts

Of course, wedding games can also degenerate into sports a bit - but you should be careful not to overdo it. The trip to Jerusalem is popular and can be played in several variants.

Classically, all guests take part and walk around a huge row of chairs. However, there is also a more creative way: instead of all guests, only about eight to ten take part in the game - including the bridal couple, of course - and always have to organize a certain item from the audience, previously named by the moderator, when the music stops.

If the moderator requests a tie, for example, then the one who takes the longest to get it from one of the guests is eliminated from the game.

The wedding dart is a little less rapid, but therefore no less amusing, especially for the audience. Fields are marked on a large cork wall like a real dart, in which case each field represents a specific wedding present from one of the guests (for example a back massage or a wash of socks).

The bride and groom each receive six arrows and throw a few extra presents together.

Games for dancing leg swings: from balloon dance to shoe dance

A wedding celebration always includes music and dance. If the bride and groom do not belong to the genre that cannot do much with dances, then you have a free choice of creative game ideas.

Our suggestions: Have all women put one of their shoes in the middle of the dance floor - and then every man takes one of the shoes and looks for his partner for the next dance.

Another variant is to have several couples compete against each other in the balloon dance: They clamp a balloon between their heads and have to try to dance together as long as possible without the balloon falling or bursting (of course without using their hands to help to take). The last couple left wins.

With this collection of ideas for wedding games, nothing should go wrong.

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