Hong Kong is racist for Indians

Action against racismK-pop fans support Black Lives Matter

In the US, the hashtags #WhiteLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter were in the top trends on Twitter this week. The American Alt-Right movement often posts racist content under this hashtag and criticizes the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been demonstrating against racism and police violence against blacks in the USA for almost two weeks.

But unlike usual, there were no racist posts under hashtags like this week, on the contrary: there was support for blacks and people of color to be read, and very often pictures of Korean pop stars like the band BTS were to be seen there.

Just take over the hashtag

K-pop fans from all over the world have hijacked the hashtags of the alt-right movement and inundated them with posts about their favorite artists in an attempt to steal the public from right-wing extremist voices on social media.

It is not the first time that K-Pop fans have become politically active and campaigned massively for political issues, says Sung Un Gang, cultural scientist, K-Pop expert and presenter of the podcast "I'm sweet and sour".

Political dimension of K-pop

"K-Pop fans are characterized by their collective identity and collective action culture," said Gang. On the one hand, joint actions served the popularity of the artists, but could also be political. That would also apply to some musicians: for example, one of the members of the K-Pop band BTS sang a song about the military massacre against the democracy movement in 2015.

As a result, BTS fans grappled with Korean history, posted political messages online and also criticized the South Korean government.