UTA is a non-profit association

Women's meeting place UTAMARA e.V.

The women's meeting place UTAMARA e.V. was initiated by the International Free Women’s Foundation (IFWF) based in the Netherlands and founded in October 2006 under their patronage.


A comprehensive network of women from different European countries and especially Germany supported the establishment of the UTAMARA women's meeting place ideally and materially. Since its foundation, the women's meeting place UTAMARA e.V. has established itself as a non-profit association. UTAMARA now has around 300 co-wives from different countries of origin, many of whom are involved in the work and projects on a voluntary basis.


Uta and Amara

Uta Schneiderbanger and Amara Ceren Doğruak worked for years in the Kurdish women's movement for a dignified life for all people. As German and Turkish women, they understood the violence and oppression against women worldwide as an attack on themselves and advocated global women's solidarity and overcoming patriarchal conditions. Both women spoke several languages ​​and actively participated in the establishment of a network between women and women's organizations in different countries.


Because her life came to an early end due to a car accident in 2005 and many of her wishes and dreams have not yet been fulfilled, the UTAMARA women's meeting place was named after these two outstanding personalities.