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Getting an ear pierced - everything you need to know!

Stud earrings - a piece of jewelry with a long tradition

Thousands of years ago, people in ancient China adorned themselves with ear studs and earrings and emphasized their status. The same goes for the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. As long as the jewelry itself, the tradition has been around Getting pierced earsto attach the gems. The traditional pieces of jewelry have not lost any of their popularity to this day. Earrings can be anything: chic, casual, sexy, playful. With the right earrings you make more than a fashion statement, you underline your character. Even if today it is mostly women who have their ears pierced, wearing earrings was and is of course not only reserved for women. If you decide to have your ear pierced, you will find yourself in good company and fashionable.

What happens when you pierce your ear?

At the ear piercing a fine canal is pierced through the auricle, usually through the softer tissue of the earlobe. Of course, other places on the ear can also be pierced and decorated. In addition to the ear lobes, so-called helix piercings are often seen on the cartilaginous border of the auricle. Another trend in recent years is flesh tunnels, for which the puncture canal in the earlobe is slowly and gradually stretched. Of course, you can also have several pierced ears in one ear!

Piercing your ear - what options are there?

If you decide to have an ear pierced, you should definitely pay attention to quality! Cleanliness, sterility of the tools and high-quality materials are basic requirements so that you can enjoy your new jewelry for a long time.

Today there are basically two different systems for getting your ears pierced. While the piercer often works with a hollow needle to pierce the ear, jewelers, doctors or pharmacies tend to find ear piercing systems that push an inserted, sterile plug through the ear. Such piercing systems for ear piercing, such as the widely used Studex System 75, are almost noiseless and very gentle on the tissue. Apart from their appearance, they have nothing to do with the old systems, in which a so-called "pistol" was used to pierce the ear hole with spring pressure. This last variant of having an ear pierced is rarely used in Germany today.

Caution is advised when having a hole pierced as a souvenir abroad, where piercing ears is not yet subject to the same hygiene standards. Working with poorly disinfected needles or other equipment increases the risk of infection.

So there are many ways to get pierced ears. Which method is the right one for you also depends on the position of the ear hole. Piercing and penetration systems are not equally suitable for all areas of the ear. Especially for earrings / studs inside the auricle, you are in better hands with a piercing studio than with a jeweler.

The psyche also plays a role that should not be underestimated. For some, the idea of ​​a large needle in the ear that the piercer uses to pierce the ear may be more off-putting than the quick solution of machine piercing. Conversely, fear through words like "Pistol" or "shoot through" many people experience the pain when piercing their ears. The fear is unfounded. Both variants are now far less painful than the description suggests.

Have an ear pierced - does that hurt?

Pain is always a very personal matter of judgment and everyone experiences other things as painful. The methods for Pierce ears have improved in recent years to the point that they are more tissue-friendly and less painful. Many pain-sensitive or fearful people are pleasantly surprised because piercing the ears was far less painful than assumed. Often the pain intensity is compared to the short needle stick during vaccination. At the customer's request, a cooling agent that slightly numbs the surface can also be used to make the pricking more pleasant.

What do I have to watch out for after piercing the ear?

Immediately after piercing the ears, the risk of infection is greatest because the wounds are not yet closed. If you follow a few basic tips, you will avoid infections and you will enjoy your pierced ears for a long time:

  • Only touch the pierced ears with clean fingers
  • Do not press the plug too close to your ear to ensure good air circulation
  • Clean the front and back of the connector with special cleaning agents
  • Twist the plug 2 to 3 times a day to avoid sticking during the healing process
  • Avoid excessive contact with water (e.g. swimming) at the beginning of wound healing

Any slight swelling or redness that may appear after piercing the ear is not a cause for concern. It usually goes away in the first 48 hours. However, if the swelling does not go away, if you have an allergic reaction or if you experience pain that cannot be explained, see a doctor immediately.

After 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the position of the ear hole, the ear stud can be exchanged for an earring / stud if desired.

Is there an age limit for ear piercing?

In Germany there is no legal age limit to have ears pierced. Since the procedures for piercing the ear are now so sophisticated, there are no major health concerns even with small children. In the case of children, the presence or consent of the legal guardian is necessary. Even if you can legally have an ear pierced for your child without any problems, many piercing studios and doctors have imposed stricter rules than legally prescribed. Some doctors advise against having ear piercings before preschool age to reduce the possibility of a traumatic experience. Find out more carefully, especially when it comes to the well-being of your child, from your local jewelers, doctors and piercing studios where ear piercings are possible and, if necessary, talk to your pediatrician about possible risks.

Also, avoid words like "pistol" or "shoot through" in front of your child - the reality of piercing the ear has nothing to do with it anyway. You can find the right children's stud earrings in our shop.

How expensive is it to get pierced ears?

Jewelers often offer an all-inclusive price in which the actual piercing, the first jewelry and the disinfectant are already integrated. Such packages are available for between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the provider and city. Many jewelers only charge for the material used and offer the actual piercing as an additional service.

Where can I get my ears pierced in my city?

Are you looking for a shop near you where you can have an ear pierced? Then you've come to the right place! With us you will find a selection of shops or piercing studios for your city or region that provide this service.

You own a shop and also offer ear piercing. Then just contact us. We will be happy to add you to our directory free of charge and without obligation.


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