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Sunday, 20. December 2015 · Issue 101 /2015 Distributed edition: 39 835

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FC Schalke 04-

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Hertha BSC Berlin -

FSV Mainz 05 3.30 p.m.

Bor. M‘gladbach -

SV Darmstadt 98 at 5.30 p.m.



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to all

Christmas items

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UN come to an understanding

Peace plan for Syria

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GV 2 topic of the day

Sunday, 20. December 2015

Game buffet with soup and dessert

Fri 8.1. - 15.1. - 22.1. 2016 Wed 13.1. - 20.1. 2016

Spring brunch with onion meat and soup

Sun. 17.1. - 24.1. - 14.2. - 21. 2. - 28. 2. - 6. 3. - 13. 3. 2016

Fish buffet “from river and sea” 11.3. - 18. 3. 2016

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An employee of the Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) takes the first edition from Adolf Hitler

"Mein Kampf" from 1925 at hand.

Photo: dpa

Badly written,

boring, full of mistakes

"Mein Kampf": Critical edition a "serious counter offer"

• Fat & saddlebags ... break down effortlessly ✓

• muscles ...

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permanent regression ✓

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The Bodyhouse GmbH Drivel 7 48282 Emsdetten Tel. 02572-9585495

By Florian Levenig

Just imagine that

Copyright would be a couple

Weeks rather extinguished and

on the nicely decorated

Bookstore tables

already in the Advent season

"Mein Kampf" on top. Indeed

the work is good, at least

in the local shops,

not even after the party

as a display.


the critical edition that the

well-known institute for contemporary history

(IfZ / Munich)

Mid-January in two volumes

publishes on request at

Thalia and Poertgen Herder

can be ordered in the cathedral city,

shares a spokeswoman for the

Company with.

Since you are aware of the tricky

But be aware of the substance, become

"Mein Kampf" does not appear

Stock delivered. Similar

you approach Rosta

the Aegidiistraße. Remains that

Ask who that 2000 page

Read pamphlet. Especially

Students of history,

suggests Dr. Massimiliano

Livi from the historical

Seminar of the university

Münster in front.

The book being in the

Teaching “always critical

annotated and historical

contextualized "

was to Hitler's crude

To understand worldview.

This is actually the one

only sensible use

of a book that says “uncommon

boring, overrated,

badly written

and full of mistakes ”.

And when "Mein Kampf"

but wrong hands get caught?

"The critical edition",

replies Livi, “ought to be right now

serve to spread

from Nazi propaganda

through a serious offer

to counteract. "

You have to “get out of the book

the secret-sacred dimension

get out, in

the right wing and conspiracy theorists

it is always located

to have". Nobody that

the new edition of “Mein

Kampf “reads, become a Nazi.

At most those

which so far the book “about

mythized representations

received in internet forums

to have".

You can also do it in the train

the republication

hopefully avoid that

relevant publishers with

selling the book legally

Earn money. In many

Countries was "mine

Fight "- uncommented,

mind you - always available.

Which leads to,

that several politicians last

have requested the IfZ

should donate the proceeds.

Livi sees it differently. Apart from that

of that

Book "practically at cost price"

from almost 60

Euro was created like that

Munich residents themselves assure:

“The income,” he believes

Historian from Münster,

"Will certainly serve to

more scientific

To finance the work of the IfZ. "

So the money is there

well excavated.

GV 3 local

Sunday, 20. December 2015

Decision against FMO boss

Shareholders' meeting: contract with Gerd Stöwer will not be extended

Plans become concrete

Container facility on Lange Water parking lot / further accommodation options

The city of Emsdetten has now

their plans for housing

of refugees in

2016 presented.

EMSDETTEN. The number of

Refugees in Emsdetten

continues to rise. On the due date

December 18th live 676

Asylum seekers in the city,

informs the administration. Around

all of these people continue to do so

to be able to accommodate will be in January


Container system for 60

People in the parking lot

of the Lange Water Stadium

set up. Replacement parking spaces

for users of the stadium

on the other side of the street


For residents of the

Beckwermert restaurant, the

also as refugee accommodation


will take place on12.

January (Tuesday) at 7 p.m.

an information evening in

Town Hall (Council Chamber) instead. All

Interested parties are invited

to participate in it.

In addition, the negotiates

City currently with the liquidator

and future

Owners about the

Renting a commercial hall

on the Silfox site

on Wilmersstrasse.

Up to 180 people are supposed to be here

be accommodated.

GREVEN. Professor Gerd

Stöwer, Managing Director on

Münster / Osnabrück Airport,

becomes his activity

not beyond September 30th

2016 perceive beyond.

The chairman gave it

of the supervisory board, the Osnabrücker

Lord Mayor

Wolfgang Griesert, after

the meeting of the shareholders' meeting

the airport

Like here on Blumenstrasse, a container system is to be installed in the parking lot of the LangeWater stadium


Photo: Dietmar Jaeschke

For this purpose, in the hall -

like in the game and sports hall

at the indoor swimming pool - living rooms

built in wood.

Furthermore, the

City of Emsdetten currently

which urban land


can be. So in

2016 including four

Apartment buildings on the

Corner of Grünring / Firmenkamp

to be erected. Planned

is also the purchase

mobile living spaces that at

different locations

can be set up.

In addition, the city leads

continue purchase negotiations,

around houses on the

Real estate market to acquire

and medium to long term

use as residential objects

to be able to. “Despite initially

high investment is it

for us as a city in the long term

cheaper to buy houses

and continue to build as


day known. This reported

that it is in the specially

in the matter

formed personnel commission

and also on the supervisory board

a majority for Stöwer

gave, but then

not in favor of a contract extension


Shareholders' meeting

has revealed.

To rent containers or halls ",

explains project manager

Elmar Leuermann

the urban plans.

The comprehensive accommodation concept

for the

next year will be the

City to the citizens beginning

2016 as part of another

information event

in Stroetmanns

Introduce factory. The exact one

The date will be announced


Briefly noted

Jeweler again

in sight


Wednesday night

unknown perpetrators again in

a jewelry store other

Entered Emsdettener Strasse.

According to witnesses

were three rather small

and slim people

involved in the burglary. In

smashed the business premises

they several

Glass showcases and stolen

from this an unknown one

Number of jewelry pieces. The

Trio then ran over the

Long road towards

Church of it. Details what

the perpetrators have captured

cannot currently

be made. Already on

December 7th (Monday) were

around 2.10 a.m. unknown people

Thieves in the jewelry store


The officials are looking for witnesses


Break-in at


EMSDETTEN. Inda's building

of the Maltese Aid Service

at the bailiff

Schipper-Strasse is Indian

Time between Wednesday evening,

10 p.m. and Thursday morning

6.45 a.m.,

been broken into. The

or smashed the perpetrators

the pane of the main entrance door.

Smashed in the building

she another

Door glass and arrived

finally in an office where

them everywhere for stolen goods

were looking for. It couldn't

be said immediately

what was stolen. The

Police ask for information

02572/9306 4415.

Weekly market

brought forward

EMSDETTEN. The weekly market

on Wednesday

(December 23rd) takes place regularly

instead of. Because of the Christmas holiday

will the

Saturday market (December 26th)

on Thursday (24.

December) brought forward. So

have the Emsdettener on

two days in a row

the opportunity to stand up for the

Holidays with fresh food

to stock up.

... and Sunday afternoon

Coffee, cocoa & fresh waffles

40 %



at the AltenMolkerei 11, 48341 Altenberge

Tel. 02505-93921-0

(also on balls) (not on fairy lights and candles)

www.gartencenter-altenberge.de. Current opening times: Mo-Fr 9.00-18.30. Sat 9 am-5pm. every Sun 11 am-4pm

... everything in the green area

The team from

GartenCenter Altenberge

wish all readers

merry christmas days

Room azaleas

different colors €

3.99 each

Christmas decoration items

Christmas trees

can still be found with us

in qualities and sizes

beaten or in the ball

by a glass

Mulled wine or orange juice

and pastries

GV 4 Local

Sunday, 20. December 2015

Briefly noted

Top trainee

from Greven

GREVEN. The nationwide

best digital media designer

and print in the field

Design and

Technology of the year is Lisa

Wielage from Greven. The

25-year-old has her education

at cynapsis interactive

GmbH in Münster

made. Heard how

thus to the total

229 top trainees

all of Germany, the beginning

the week of the Federal Minister of Labor


Nahles and DIHK President

Eric Schweitzer in Berlin

were honored.

Construction hunt for foxes

allowed in engineering


Lower Hunting Authority of the

Steinfurt district has the construction hunt

on foxes in art construction

in the hunting years 2015/16

and 2016/17 permitted. In order to

should especially the ground brooding

Types and the

Small game species such as hares

and pheasants are protected.

This form of hunting is in

this year banned in NRW.

The ecological hunting law

however admits this

under certain circumstances

limited to two years

to allow.

Award as an incentive

Reidar Jensen scores successfully at the German Rock & Pop Prize

Reidar Jensen is in the scene

the singer and songwriter

by no means a stranger

more. In many concerts

he has been inspiring to his audience

Musical experiences

given. But with such

a success with German

Rock & Pop Prize 2015 he has

probably not expected.

EMSDETTEN. More than

1000 young artists

faced the jury in

enforce this environment,

certainly wasn't

easy task. Jensen has

but made it. In the category

"Best Folk Rock Singer",

"Best Folk Rock Song"

and "Best Folk Rock Album"

he received the

second price and can get

additionally about the third

Place as “Best traditional

World music album ”.

Of course Jensen is that

Thanks to his musical

Companion Detlef

Blanke a great need

in his d-tone studio in

Delmenhorst released the album “Silent

traveling ”

has been.

At the same time this honor is

but also a confirmation

that Jensen is on

is on the right track.

He feels through the prices

spurred on, even more intense

in himself and his

Music to work.

Two songs by Reidar Jensen have also been nominated for the UK songwriting contest,

in which he made it to the quarterfinals.

Photo: www.axelengels.de

The four German prices

Rock & Pop Prize are

not the only awards on

that of the musicians

from Norway with adopted home

Emsdetten is proud. His

two songs “Darkness

of my mind "and" Silent love

song "are for the UK

Songwriting Contest has been nominated

–For one of the

probably the most renowned

international competitions

in this area. In its

Jury are well-known

Judges like top producer

Dr Richard Niles (under

other Paul McCartney,

Kylie Minogue, Take That).

There he made it to the quarterfinals

done what with that

high level of this competition

already as an award

is to be assessed.

An open ear for needs and worries

Drug and addiction counseling center also occupied during Christmas time / additional offers


Especially at Christmas time

need some

People an open ear,

to worry about their and

Needs to be able to speak.

The drug and addiction counseling center

of the Caritas Association


is therefore also during the

Christmas time busy to

Affected or relatives

if you have any questions or problems

in dealing with addictive substances

to support. The experienced

Addiction counselors are available

the advice seeker in

Crisis situations too

short term for relief talks

to disposal

or inform about

Support options

with these problems.

For questions or to make appointments

is the secretariat

the drug and addiction counseling center

in the

Christmas break in the mornings

from 9 to 12.30 p.m.

reachable at 02572/15728.

On christmas eve,

New Year's Eve as well as the holidays

remains the advice center

however closed.

Also the open breakfast menu

finds indians

Christmas time instead. Invited

are all those problems

in dealing with alcohol,

Medication or drugs

have and just in

have breakfast in a nice atmosphere,

easy chatting or

the advisory services and

Support options

get to know without obligation

want. breakfast

takes place on Wednesdays

from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

at the contact point of the Caritas Association,

"Café Jedermann"

on Blumenstrasse

49, in Emsdetten. The

Offer is free.

The open office hours

on Tuesday (December 22nd)

and on December 29th

(Tuesday) fall

due to the

Christmas time

however off.

The consultation

finds again

from January 5th



at the time

from16 to 17

Clock at

Caritas Association


at the

Kirchstrasse 5 instead of. A previous one

Registration is not


More information about the


So you can look forward to it

be what Jensen

for his next projects

and come up with songs.

further information

is available at www.reidarjensen.com.

About the

Homepage you can use the

Order the CD "Silent Traveling",

but it is also available from

Book & Art in



Drugs and

Addiction counseling

find those interested

also on the Internet at


Is also available to those seeking advice during the Christmas season: the team of

Drug and addiction advice center.

Photo: Caritas

GV 5 Local

Sunday, 20. December 2015

In front of a locked door

When the town halls are open over the holidays

Who over the holidays

Looking for a walk to the town hall,

must be careful not before

to stand closed doors.

HI did this and

other important opening times



Christmas Eve (December 24th),

New Years Eve (December 31st)

and the holidays (25.

and 26 December as well as 1.

January) the town hall is in

Greven closed. The

Green acceptance point of

Technical operations at the

Saerbecker Strasse remains above it

out on January 2nd

(Saturday) closed. who

to the city library

want can also

on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve

and the holidays the way

save up. The external return

is continuously in function.

Because of the upcoming

Holidays remain

Town hall in Emsdetten and

thus also the citizen's office

on Thursday (December 24th)

and December 31st

(Thursday) closed.

The citizen's office is also

on January 2nd (Saturday)

not occupied. The city library

closes continuously

from Christmas Eve to

including January 4th


The municipality

Nordwalde announces that

the town hall on Wednesday

(December 23) from 8 to 12

O'clock the last time this

Year opens. Both on Christmas Eve, between

the years

and stays on New Year's Eve

the town hall closed.

The employees are then

from January 4th to the

Not just from

"Roll pictures"

District yearbook: Two contributions from Emsdetten

Closed: During the holidays there is the opening hours of the town halls in the HI distribution area

a few things to consider.

Photo: Jan-Philipp Jenke


DETTEN. 69 authors and

Photographers report in the

29th edition of the district yearbook

about “history and

Stories from 200 years "

from the Steinfurt district.

To "survive and live"

of Franz Klopietz it goes in

Emsdetten contribution by

Siegfried Olms. The painter

(1908 to 2003) had to be in the

Postwar look how

he provides for himself and his family

could. The solution

was initially an “artistic

Intermediate time ": Klopietz

painted pictures that he paint

want to get back to yourself

to find back as an artist,

but also those that he paints

should: order images, so-called

"Roll pictures".

In addition, Heinz writes

Rinsche in the district yearbook

about a summery natural oasis

on the Emsdettener

Baggerloch, the Hermeler

Lake with its botanical


The 238 page

There is a yearbook for ten

Euro-local book trade.

% Reduced%

Senior citizens-

Bed frames

Engine frame


immediately available

Our service:

Delivery - construction - disposal

Beds Beering


48282 Emsdetten, Germany

Rheiner Str. 124

Telephone 02572/5663

stayed opening times

there. An emergency service is ready.

The contact details are

on the home page of the municipality

at www.nordwalde.de

to find.

The town hall in Altenberge

stays on Christmas Eve

and New Year's Eve closed.

The municipality

shows moreover

point out that in the coming

Week of disposal

of the organic waste from Wednesday

(December 23)

Tuesday (December 22nd)

is brought forward. Disposal

of the waste paper takes place

on Thursday (December 24th).

The Remondis company

also informs that the

Recycling center in Westenfeld

on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve

and closed on January 2nd


The town hall of the municipality

Saerbeck stays on Christmas Eve

and New Year's Eve closed.

Between the days

the usual opening times apply.

Last but not least, the circle

Steinfurt: On Christmas Eve,

and stay on New Year's Eve

the offices of the district

as well as the vehicle registration offices

closed. Employees

the district administration

and vehicle registration offices

stand between Christmas

and New Year's Eve to the usual

Opening times for

the concerns of the citizens



Several employees at the same time were allowed to

the managing directors Aloys

and Manfred Venschott at the

this year's Christmas party of

Honor the Venschott company. The good ones

The souls of the company are Maria Fleige

and Inge Suntrop. Both worry

for 25 years that

not just the showrooms

be whipped up,

but also that it is in the office space

is always tidy.

Christoph Krampe also works on the side

25 years in the company

has some company changes

decisively accompanied. So

building earth plastic window construction

with and accompanied the removals

the department from Ostbevern

the Gutenbergstrasse in Greven

and finally in the former

Cordimage building on Saerbeckerstrasse,

where is the production

located today.

Christian Rawe (25 years), Reinhard

Kock (20 Years) and Willi

Schwandt (40 years) are from the

Briefly noted

Consultation hour for

Seniors falls out

GREVEN. The consultation hours

of the Seniors' Advisory Board

Greven tomorrow (December 21)

and on December 28th

(Monday) fall because of

the holidays. The

next appointment is on 4.

January (Mondays)

usual times.

Shopping bus drives

according to plan


planned tomorrow (December 21)

Sports group of the senior citizens' council

Altenberge is not applicable.

It continues on 11.

January (Monday). That too

announced for tomorrow

Shopping bus drives against it