Why aren't there pork burgers

For burger fans, the heart of every burger is the patty. And what is particularly important for this? Correct! The best meat. It doesn't take much to get the patties for your burger juicy and tasty. However, you should still know which meat is suitable for hamburgers and whether it is better to use beef, pork, or a completely different type of meat.

Which burger meat is best?

When you are in the supermarket or at the counter of your favorite butcher, you have to choose between countless types of meat: beef, pork, lamb, veal or poultry? The patty for a yummi burger should contain at least 20, but not more than 40 percent fat. Fat is a flavor carrier and ensures that your patty doesn't fall apart during frying.

Since you need minced meat for your hamburger, you can buy it either directly in the supermarket or from the butcher. As an alternative, you could also get fresh pieces of meat and turn them through the meat grinder yourself at home. We'll also tell you which pieces of meat are best for a delicious hamburger.

These cuts of meat are best for burgers

Most burger fans swear by beef. The shoulder and neck are particularly popular because these parts have a higher fat content. Ask your butcher if he'll give you can cut a mixture of 60 percent lean meat and 40 percent fat. Your patty is sure to be really delicious. Veal is also popular.

However, veal and beef have one major disadvantage: they are much more expensive than pork or mixed minced meat. On average, a kilo of beef costs around three to four euros more than a kilo of pork (veal even up to five euros more) or two euros more than mixed minced meat.

You can also conjure up delicious hamburgers with pork. It is best to use pieces from the back, shoulder, neck or stomach. If you like it less greasy and pay attention to a low calorie intake, you can also use pieces from the upper shell.

Poultry patties have fewer calories due to their lower fat content, but they are less intense in taste and should be eaten medium or raw because of the danger of salmonella. Lamb patties have a strong flavor that is not for everyone.

Meat for the patties: pure or with other ingredients?

If you use high-quality meat (e.g. organic meat with Demeter certification) for the preparation of your burgers, you can fry it without spices and only later spread fleur de sel or pepper over it. The egg and breadcrumbs in the mince should loosen up your patty and keep it from falling apart. But actually the meat tastes best on its own. Burger popes swear by pure, 100% beef for the full burger taste!

What makes a perfect burger?

All about meat for burgers

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