What is a diploma in fashion design

Requirements for studying fashion design

Do you want to become a fashion designer? Find out here which requirements you have to meet in order to receive one of the coveted study places.

In no other fashion course you have to meet as many requirements and pass exams as in the fashion design course. In addition to the demands on themselves, applicants in fashion schools, universities and technical colleges often have to undergo a wide variety of entrance tests. We'll give you an overview.

The type of institution determines the criteria

First of all, it depends on whether you want to study at a fashion school or a university or college. There are some elementary differences between the three providers that must be taken into account.

Fashion (technical) schools, for example, are not academic training centers and cannot award their own Bachelor's or Master's degree. The hurdle to get an apprenticeship position is much lower - at least in relation to the required school leaving certificate. However, many fashion schools also offer bachelor's degrees in cooperation with universities. In that case, the requirements for academic studies must be met.

Prerequisite 1: the right school leaving certificate

  • At Vocational and fashion schools you can train to become a fashion designer with the Middle maturity start.
  • For a Fashion studies at a university of applied sciences, which concludes with a bachelor's degree, you need the advanced technical college entrance qualification (High school diploma school and practical).
  • For a Fashion studies at a university or art schoolthat concludes with a bachelor's degree or diploma, you need the general university entrance qualification (High School).
  • Who one Master in Fashion Design want to do, a must Undergraduate degree (Bachelor or equivalent) in the field of design.

Requirement 2: suitability

Regardless of whether you want to go to a university, college or fashion school: You need talent. In addition to the school leaving certificate, this is the second requirement that must be met.

The suitability is guaranteed by an aptitude test. This consists of submitting a portfolio, but can also contain other components, for example a letter of motivation or a personal interview. If the applicant committee likes your portfolio, you will be selected from the large number of applicants for the next round. This can be another creative task or a personal conversation.

More about the aptitude test

What is also often required is a letter of motivation. In such a cover letter you justify your suitability and your passion for studying fashion design.

More about the letter of motivation

Requirement 3: practical experience

In addition to the required school leaving certificate and the submission of a portfolio, some initial work experience is required. However, this is not always the case. However: a voluntary internship can increase the chance of a study place. At some universities, a pre-study internship can have a positive effect on your chances of getting a university place - something you should know, for example. You can only find out by thoroughly researching the admission requirements of your desired (higher) school in advance.

Necessary personal qualities

In general, you should have the following personal requirements and characteristics for studying fashion design:

  • Drawing, artistic, creative talent
  • Increased awareness
  • Spatial imagination
  • Perseverance & self-confidence (artistic professions can be quite a pain in the ass, e.g. due to the pressure to be creative)
  • The ability to deal constructively with criticism (if the 3rd draft is also torn up, this should be taken as an incentive for the 4th draft)
  • No two left hands, after all you will have to sew a lot and cut fabrics using templates

University tip


If you are ready to start your career in the fashion world and thus meet the requirements, look for the right course at the amd Akademie Mode & Design. The range of courses includes bachelor's and master's degrees, but also advanced training and preparatory courses. More details in the information material.

Application for a fashion design degree

Do you meet all the requirements for studying fashion design? Great! To become a fashion designer, all you have to do now is apply to the appropriate fashion schools or universities.

What actually belongs in a typical application for a fashion design degree? Well, these are formal documents (application, certificates, etc.), possibly a letter of motivation, but above all you need a creative folder. You can read on here how to apply for a fashion degree, how the selection of candidates is made and which application deadlines have to be observed:

Application process