Women are now stronger than men

Corona burdens women more than men

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Hanover - The corona crisis apparently hits women much more on the soul than men. This is the result of an evaluation of insured data from the health insurance company KKH published today in Hanover.

According to this, around twice as many female employees across Germany submitted a certificate for mental illness as female employees. Doctors would have diagnosed adjustment disorders and reactions to severe stress in almost three times as many women.

The balancing act between work and the care of children and relatives in need of care is one of the reasons why women are more psychologically stressed than men in a crisis, explained KKH business psychologist Antje Judick.

It is true that the double burden of family and work posed a greater emotional challenge to women even before the pandemic because of the traditional role models that still prevailed. However, the problem has worsened since Corona.

Another factor is that more women are employed in social professions, such as nurses and geriatric nurses, and in industries with a lot of human contact, for example in sales. "Corona exposure is particularly high in these areas," said Judick.

But the crisis is not leaving the men unaffected. The duration of the illness, which increased significantly for them during the pandemic than for women, indicates more protracted, more severe cases of illness.

According to the evaluation of the health insurance fund, depressive episodes are in first place among the most common mental illnesses in the first corona year, with around 417,000 attested days of absence in women and 212,000 days of illness in men.

This is followed by adjustment disorders (women around 416,000 days, men around 159,500 days), recurring depression (women around 222,000 days, men around 95,000 days) as well as chronic exhaustion and burnout (women around 165,500 days, men around 68,000 days).

The KKH recorded the longest average absenteeism per employee due to depression: an average of 96.4 days for women and around 95 days for men. Overall, women were unable to work for almost four days last year and men almost five days longer due to mental illness than in the previous year. © kna / aerzteblatt.de