What is the hypersonic weapon that Putin tested

Wladimir Putin : Russia announces successful test of new hypersonic missile

Russia has tested a new type of hypersonic missile. President Vladimir Putin spoke on Wednesday of a successful trial and an "important success" for the military, which is not only of national importance. The "Avantgarde" missile should be put into service next year, Putin announced in Moscow. "Russia has a new kind of strategic weapon." This will ensure the security of his country in the coming decades, stressed the Kremlin chief.

According to the Kremlin, the missile was fired from a base south of the Urals on Wednesday. A target was hit on a test site in Kamchatka. The distance is about 6000 kilometers. Putin followed the test. He said the ICBM could fly in the atmosphere at 20 times the speed of sound.

According to Putin, this type of missile cannot be intercepted by defense systems. The Kremlin chief had already presented a series of new nuclear weapons two weeks before the presidential election in the spring, which triggered international concern.

The announcement comes against the background of a possible new arms race: US President Donald Trump announced in October that his country would withdraw from the INF disarmament treaty of 1987. Putin threatened to develop new nuclear missiles if the US implemented its announcement.

The US accuses Russia of violating the INF treaty. The disarmament treaty signed in 1987 between the USA and the then Soviet Union provides for the abolition of all ground-based, nuclear-armed medium-range missiles with a range of over 500 kilometers. In December, Washington gave Moscow a final period of 60 days until mid-February to revert to the terms of the treaty. (dpa, AFP)

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