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Typical Caribbean Foursquare rum from Barbados

The example of the Foursquare Distillery clearly shows that tradition is worthwhile and that it is entirely possible to be responsible for (almost) all production steps yourself. The distillery is in an advantageous and beautiful location, embedded in an estate of around 3.2 hectares in the south of the Caribbean island. It is called the Foursquare Estate and now also includes the Heritage Park, with the production site with historical value now attracting tourists. They can look forward to a guided tour of the site. The Foursquare Distillery has been active since 1820 and was built in the immediate vicinity of a sugar factory. The sugar cane harvested on the company's own plantations in the surrounding area was processed into sugar and the remaining molasses went to the Foursquare distillery to be processed into Bajan rum. This took care of, among other things. the Seale family, which in turn has been inextricably linked with the production of rum from the Caribbean since the 17th century.

Much may have changed in general for the production of sugar and rum from the Caribbean over the centuries, but this distillery did not ultimately have to admit defeat like so many competitors. Family-run for five generations, the Foursquare Distillery sticks to traditions without ignoring modern consumer needs. This approach - based on the motto "We do it right" - has earned her a lot of praise. She was a. 2016 at the International Wine & Spirit Competition named "Distillery of the Year". The Foursquare Distillery is part of the R.L. Seale & Company is involved, but acts independently and does not belong to a group like many of its competitors. Molasses rum is distilled with typical island features, which is usually stored in classic American white oak barrels.

Further information on the Foursquare rum

First and foremost, the Foursquare Distillery supplies other companies with distillates for blends and thus has a say in numerous rum brands. In recent years it has also received a lot of attention from independent bottlers such as Velier. In addition, customers can look forward to the company's own bottlings, which show themselves from the authentic or experimental side. In addition to the ex-bourbon barrel for the rum from Foursquare, other barrel types are increasingly being used, such as a wine barrel for the Foursquare Barbados Zinfandel Cask Blend 11. Dark, long-matured Bajan rum in cask strength and mixable blended rum with a high alcohol content are also available. Rare single cask bottlings in limited editions join regularly produced Foursquare rum and even flavored spiced rum-based. Around 200 years of success meet a feeling for enjoyment with that certain something. Similar to Caroni or Hampden, Foursquare Rum has become a legend.