How profitable is a breakfast business

Business to do small, not do big: small ...

The second way to invest in a business is to “do a small business, not a big business.

The obvious fact is that the smaller the business, the easier it is to do and the easier it is to manage, and some small businesses, like the BBQ, can be very profitable

The bigger the company, the wider the scope and the more control one can have. If the team can't keep up, you're not making the business any bigger

Do business with as much appetite and as many meals as you can and remember to control your greed, always while in business

創業 機會

Small business may be difficult, but when you think clearly about what you can and can't eat

Can not eat the pain of worry, you can eat the pain of work in peace, can not even think about eating, sooner or later the end of the cut leeks of others

The best way to make a big business is not by diversification, but by a single copy.

The restaurant business can't be good for everything, the thicker the menu, the harder it is to make, the thinner the profit

A single copy can simply be understood to mean that storage is then replicated, and if storage is hard to replicate, then storage is safe to make

Same goes for seemingly noble entrepreneurship, too long a front is suicidal, breaking a point, closing the loop of business, and then replicating it in large numbers is the best way to start a business

On both sides of our traditional culture, things go backwards to the extreme, small to extreme is big, big to extreme is small, small businesses can become very powerful big companies, big companies to extremes, a problem can shrink or shrink quickly even cause collapse.

Zihe old home downstairs to open a few hold a breakfast shop, selling only a few kinds of porridge and egg pudding, from the roadside booth to buy the use of their own children, to buy a shop window house, a villa in the new town only with just under two decades of development!

In this era of data, all day long screaming to improve their learning ability, cognitive structure upgrade, study China's economic development, in fact, we have a minority of not much to do in a wider area, ordinary people rely on doing small business, living more and more the better, is not a difficult thing.

Giving up business just to get: business, do not have to give up, learn, choose, get

The third way to invest in a business is to "give up before you get it," including:

Give up, give up, will not give up, a lot of honest, good people, a lifetime in the "good wage" misunderstanding

This also applies in business life. Don't give up if you want, don't give up for free, don't just give up, or you will only harm yourself!

In doing business you have to give up your own face, give up your own rack, give up your past, give up your greed.

Going out of business means not respecting your own customers, poor quality customers

In business life, we should separate ourselves from friends and family who have a negative impact on our business

In business, we should give our customers the opportunity to use them. We can't be smart and calculate everything

From a human point of view, nobody wants to accept a loss, everyone wants to take advantage of it; but on the other hand, if you don't want to take a loss, you will never take advantage of it; You're not letting your customers take advantage. Unless you are irreplaceable, the customer will definitely choose you last.

From the point of view of give and take, business people is such a country give and take game, play well, the customer can be happy You are happy too.

Therefore, try to "let the customer how to use" is a businessman, businessmen, always think on the subject!

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