What are the different types of shorts

The right shorts for every figure

From STYLEBOOK | August 13, 2014, 12:30 p.m.

The current season brings us a wide variety of shorts. From short shorts to knee-length Bermuda shorts to short pant skirts - STYELBOOK reveals which models match the various figures.

1. Short shorts

In contrast to hot pants, the new shorts have a casual cut like Bermuda shorts. They end at least a hand's breadth above the knee, but they can also be shorter. The short shorts are real figure all-rounders.

What type of figure does it stand for

Androgynous and straight waist: Women like Diane Kruger The new shorts are flattering because the length of the pants focuses the focus on their sexy legs and the wide cut conjures up curves.

Curvy and plump hips: female ladies love short shorts. Because: Its casual cut conceals wider hips and skilfully stages beautiful legs.

2. Knee-length Bermuda shorts

We wear these pants especially in the city in summer. The good length even makes it suitable for the office.

What type of figure is it

Tall and athletic thighs: The knee-length, further trousers conceal muscular thighs. Danger! Only women who are over 1.70 meters tall do not sink into their pants.

3. Hot pants

Short, tight, sexy - please only wear these pants in your free time.

What type of figure does it stand for

Small and petite: Women like Alexa Chung (30) these pants look perfect. The short length makes short legs look longer and the tight cut brings out all the curves that your petite figure has to offer. Danger! Even if you are small, please do not wear high heels with these trousers. That looks cheap!

4. Yermuda

These pants end a hand's breadth above the knee and are a mix of jeans and Bermuda shorts. In short: the ladylike but still cool variant of the skimpy denim shorts.

What type of figure is it

Small and sporty thighs: Do you have ample thighs and are less than 1.70 meters tall? Then the Yermuda is exactly the right trouser shape for you. Because the wide-cut pants conceal your problem areas and stretch a little.

5. Short culottes

Culottes that end knee-length or a hand's width above the knee are the airy counterpart to trendy culottes in 7/8 length.

What type of figure is it

Big and androgynous: Here the culottes conjure up feminine curves and show enough legs to look sexy despite her androgynous figure.

Small and androgynous: Nothing conjures up curvy hips like the mix of skirt and pants. Even so, little women look like Poppy Delevingne (27) in the 7/8 culottes often look even more delicate than they already are. That's why the It-Girl takes the shorter version, which at the same time makes her legs look longer.

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