What are some Jamaican fruits



For a fruit salad made from tropical fruits, the fruit and vegetable departments of the Swiss Migros and Coop supermarkets offer a good selection of fruits, such as bananas, pineapples, oranges, grapefruits, mangoes, watermelons and limes.

Most are available all year round and have become part of our daily diet. In tropical environments, fruits have stronger flavors, whether sweet, tart, sour, or a combination thereof. This is because the fruits here are generally only harvested when they are ripe, which means they are exposed to the sun for as long as possible.

The fruits delivered to Switzerland from tropical countries, on the other hand, are often harvested green or not quite ripe, which means that the aromas are often milder. This difference is particularly evident with some fruits, such as mangoes.

In Jamaica, the seasons are associated with fruits. For example, January through March is known as the tamarind season and the summer months as the mango season. Here is a list of the fruits that you should try - however, there is a risk that some of the fruits are out of season.

Fortunately, food manufacturers produce a wide variety of tropical fruit products for off-season consumption, such as juices, jams, and jellies. However, these are no comparison to the taste of the right fruit.

So when in Jamaica, why not try the exotic fruits on this list - Cherries, guavas, quenip, golden plums, sapotes, water apple, sugar cane, prickly annone, star apple, cinnamon apple, and tamarind.


February 2018