What is the best gel nail polish

Gel nail polishes are more opaque and long-lasting than conventional nail polishes from the drugstore due to their gel-like consistency. Thanks to the good coverage, one layer of gel nail polish is usually enough and our manicure is ready. It couldn't be easier!

Gel nail polish without UV lamp

In contrast to UV nail polish, gel nail polish simply hardens in the air and does not require a UV or LED lamp. This makes it easier to use and gives us the feeling that we are applying normal nail polish. Brittle fingernails in particular benefit from the somewhat firmer consistency, as gel nail polish additionally strengthens the natural nail. Two layers of the color polish and one layer of topcoat ensure that even thin nails can grow without breaking off or tearing.

How long does gel nail polish last?

Gel nail polish does not last as long as UV nail polish that cures under a lamp, but with a high-quality gel nail polish you can enjoy up to two weeks without the polish peeling or flaking. Worlds of difference to conventional nail polishes, which usually become unsightly on our nails after just one day.

Benefits of gel nail polish:

  • Supports the natural nail
  • Thin nails are strengthened
  • Lacquer is easy to apply
  • Available in the drugstore
  • Nice shine
  • Very economical
  • Long durability
  • Natural result
  • Well-groomed and beautiful fingernails

Is gel nail polish harmful to natural nails?

  • Of course, we immediately ask ourselves whether gel nail polish is more harmful than conventional nail polish from the drugstore. We can deny this. The polish doesn't even have to be painstakingly filed down, but can simply be removed with a nail polish remover without acetone.
  • The misconception that nails cannot “breathe” under UV nail polish, Shellac and gel nail polish is also unfounded. Like hair, nails belong to the skin appendage tissue, and this is supplied by the epidermis underneath. Only the oxygen is used to harden the keratin in our nails. If we have applied any kind of nail polish, no more oxygen can reach the nails. Nail damage from gel nail polishes cannot occur.

Manicure with gel nail polish: step-by-step instructions

To achieve a nice result, you should follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Prepare your nails

The first thing you should do is remove old nail polish and shape your nails. With thin nails, it is essential to use a nail file and only file in one direction to avoid chipping. You can also remove cuticles at this step.

2. Apply gel nail polish color

Shake your nail polish well and apply the first layer of gel nail polish. Let the varnish air dry for about ten minutes and apply another layer depending on your needs and coverage and let it harden.

3. Apply gel nail polish topcoat

After the polish has cured, apply a layer of the top coat. This seals the color and provides a professional shine.

4. Maintain with nail oil and hand cream

In the last step, you can care for your nails with a nail oil and then massage in a nourishing hand cream. Your gel nail polish manicure is ready.

Gel nail polish in the test: We tested these brands

We did some research for you and took a closer look at three popular brands of gel nail polishes:

  1. Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen (color 170)
  2. Miracle Gel Top Coat by Sally Hansen
  3. Gel Couture from Essie
  4. Gel Polish from Bluesky