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Pixlr Editor is the best proof that a free online image editing program can keep up with the established sizes. The visual appearance and the typical preparation of control elements make the user quickly forget that this is a web app that runs in the browser - especially when full-screen mode is used. The clear, intuitive to use and opticallyappealing menu bars and boxes are well known from comparable programs, so that experienced users as well as newbies should find their way around within a very short time. Except for theirs excellent usability The software also impresses with its many functions. The photo editing program offers the following features for image adjustment:

  • Soft and sharp focus
  • Automatic Tonal correction

In addition to the versatile selection of correction tools, Pixlr Editor also offers numerous filters to change photos and graphics. For example, you can blur them, pixelate them and convert them into reliefs, sepia or thermal images. Stand for the entire machining process any number of levels available that can be customized.

In some details, however, you can tell that the Pixlr Editor is a free photo editing program and did not have the budget available for a high-priced title: For example, the German translation is not complete and the workflow is limited to 14 entries. The app also contains advertisingwhich you can click away, however.