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TSMC also turns the tap on Huawei: No more chip orders

The US embargo against the Chinese company Huawei is now also affecting the world's largest contract manufacturer in the semiconductor industry: TSMC will shortly no longer deliver chips to the Chinese company. As things stand now, the last orders will be delivered to Huawei and its subsidiaries in mid-September. This is reported by the British magazine The Register, citing TSMC supervisory board chairman Mark Liu. In particular, the chip subsidiary HiSilicon, which develops the SoCs for the manufacturer's smartphones, has to have its designs produced elsewhere.

TSMC's main plants are in Taiwan. And in them you work with machines that were mostly produced in the USA. The sanctions imposed by the US government go so far that it is also prohibited to sell products made with these high-tech systems to China. In Taiwan, the US authorities cannot enforce this directly, but TSMC would have to reckon with unpleasant consequences if the guidelines were simply ignored.

Last jobs are running out

As Liu explained, no new orders have been received from the Huawei group since mid-May. This means that currently only the delivery contracts that have been in place for a long time are fulfilled, which is possible according to US regulations. However, within the next two months all projects have been processed and will probably not deliver any more chips to the customer for the time being.

The TSMC management tried to exert influence in the course of the hearing phase that the US authorities conduct in such a situation. So far, however, there have been no signals from the responsible authorities that anything could change in the current embargo. So you have to stick to it first. Because compared to the important orders from US companies such as AMD, Apple, Qualcomm and Nvidia, Huawei only accounts for a smaller part.

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