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Rumor: Future Samsung Galaxy smartphones, like the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, will use IBIS

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (approx. 999 euros on Amazon) has optical image stabilization (OIS) with three of its cameras, while the main camera of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (approx. 1,180 euros on Amazon) has a stabilized sensor (IBIS) puts. A new report from GalaxyClub, which cites unspecified sources, now states that Samsung is currently also testing a smartphone with IBIS.

At this point it is important to mention that one technology for stabilization is not necessarily better than the other; depending on the implementation, optical image stabilization can be just as effective as a stabilized sensor. This report is particularly exciting in view of the new rumors according to which Samsung is to work together with Olympus on improved smartphone cameras. Because Olympus has years of experience with stabilized sensors. Last year, for example, with the OM-D E-M1 Mark III, the company presented a camera whose sensor stabilization should enable exposure times longer by 7.5 f-stops.

If you can normally take photos with exposure times of up to 1 / 30th of a second freehand, this stabilization can, in the best case, take pictures with an exposure time of around five seconds, completely without a tripod. To achieve this, however, Olympus combines sensor stabilization with optical stabilization of the lens - a procedure that could also lead to significantly more effective stabilization for smartphones.

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