Where can I find postdoctoral fellowships

German Research Foundation

Aim of promotion

is to enable young scientists to carry out a specific research project at a location of their choice abroad or to familiarize themselves with new scientific methods in this context.

Eligibility to apply

exists for:

German junior researchers from all disciplines who have completed a scientific education (mainly doctorate),
Foreign junior researchers from all disciplines who have completed a scientific education (mainly a doctorate),

  • provided they have been in Germany for several years and are integrated into the German scientific system through usually three years of scientific work (in the doctoral and / or postdoc phase) and
  • declare that they want to be scientifically active in Germany in the future.

Restrictions apply to young researchers who are abroad at the time of submitting their application.

Scientists who have made further progress in their scientific careers are exceptionally eligible to apply in order to be able to devote themselves to a research task of particular importance.

Requirements for the project

High scientific quality and originality of the research project on an international level.

Type and scope of funding

Basic scholarship amount as well as a monthly flat-rate grant to cover material and travel costs.

  • Foreign surcharge
  • Travel allowance
  • Publication costs

Benefits for parents:

  • Child allowance
  • Support for childcare benefits - extended scholarship or childcare allowance

In addition, travel subsidies can be granted to establish or intensify scientific contacts in Germany and a subsidy for moving costs for returning to Germany (see information sheet on scholarships VI. No. 1 and 2). Following the DFG research grant, a return grant for reintegration into the German science system can be applied for (see information sheet on grants VI. No. 3).

Duration of funding

usually up to 2 years.

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