What is the exam schedule in MBBS

Medicine MBBS

If you meet our minimum academic requirements, you will be invited for an interview. For non-degree applicants, with the exception of GCSEs, all qualifications must have been completed within the last five years, including the year of application.

Starting in 2021, we look forward to welcoming graduates to the 5-year Medical MBBS program. To date, this program has only accepted applicants who have not yet graduated, and all applicants with a degree have been encouraged to apply for the 4-year graduate admission program. However, we recognize that more and more people are looking to study medicine after completing an undergraduate degree, and some graduates would prefer to take an extra year of study for their medical degree.

For the 5 year Medical MBBS program, we need a 2: 1 on a Bachelor degree or a 2: 2 on a Masters or PhD. Applicants applying with a degree do not need to meet our GCSE and A-Level requirements. The proficiency tests differ for the 5-year and 4-year programs:

  • 5-year program: UCAT
  • 4-year program: GAMSAT.

Since no previous scientific knowledge is required for the UCAT, the focus of the 5-year program in the first two years is more on science.

Graduate medical programs are often more competitive than graduate programs due to their small size. We hope, therefore, that expanding our graduate intake to both courses will encourage strong graduate applicants who will do well at St. George's.

International high school diploma

18 higher-level credits, including a minimum grade of 6 in biology and chemistry.

A minimum score of 5 must be achieved in mathematics and English if at least 6 (class B) has not yet been achieved in mathematics and English at GCSE / IGCSE / O.

English language

A total of 7.0 (including 7.0 in the writing and speaking component and a minimum score of 6.5 in all other components)

You can take two attempts to achieve your IELTS qualification per year, and your test scores are valid for two years.

For more information on admission requirements, please visit the university's website.

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