Why do people make fun of religion

To the religions ...

Who invented the universe? Why do we exist? Do we have a task in life? What is right or wrong, good or bad? How shall we live What happens to us after death? This is what people think about as long as humanity has existed. Religions provide answers to these and other great questions of life.

Sometimes the explanations of the religions differ from one another, but often they are also very similar. For example, followers of some faith communities only pray to a single Creator. Others worship many deities, but still believe in the one world soul that flows through everything.

Each religion has its own history, scriptures, holidays, important places, and even everyday rules. These say, for example, how people eat, what to wear or how to live with their partner and family.

The living habits of members of other religions are therefore sometimes a little alien to us. From time to time we make fun of each other out of uncertainty. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to arguments or even wars. But those who inflict suffering on other people have not understood the message of the religions. Because their goals have nothing to do with envy, hatred and violence. They all want to make love and peace.

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