Why are article publications necessary for PhD students

Re: book publication worthless?

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Hi wannabe, my experiences are very different; however, I wonder whether he really meant monographs or publications in anthologies. This year I was a member of an appointment committee in the humanities, in which the monograph and also the place of publication of the monograph were given a great deal of importance - but also the articles. The book still counts a lot for us, but there is certainly a strong trend towards journal publication here too, of course.

This is certainly linked to the question of the publisher, because there are also enormous differences here; some publishers look more impressive on their résumé and automatically have a completely different reach than alternatives due to their popularity and prestige. (A fact that can certainly be discussed as most publishers have a wide range of quality in their publications.) In the humanities (English language) I see, in general terms, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge, John Benjamin and Palgrave Macmillan very high up. However, there are also many beautiful publications by Lang and other publishers - some of the much-cited dissertations were sometimes "only" published by the respective university library.

TL; DR: My impression is that the monograph still counts a lot - not least the habilitation thesis, which is still expected in my field, linguistics.