Who is the tallest person on earth

Man - the greatest threat to nature

Man - the greatest threat to nature

to displace someone / something - here: to take the place of someone / something; make something less important

worst case - when the worst happens that is possible

to settle into something - here: start living in a place and get used to it

alone - here: apart from everything else; if you just look at this

Wild boar (n.) - a large pig that is found mainly in the wild

Cemetery, yards (m.) - the place where the dead are buried

shut down - so that something is no longer used

Industrial wasteland, -n (f.) - an area that was previously used industrially but is no longer in use

Pathogen, - (m.) - something very small that transmits disease, e.g. B. a bacterium or a virus

something jumps over - here: something goes from one living being to another; something is transmitted

threatened - in danger; endangered

Kind, -en (f.) - here: animals or plants of a certain genus

something is dying out - here: all specimens of an animal or plant species die

Air pollution - the fact that the air is not clean

Climate change (m., Singular only) - changes in climate caused by human activity

Metropolis, -n (f.) - a big city

to fix something - prepare a place so that it can be used by someone for a specific purpose

something is disappearing - something is slowly becoming less and less

clear something - destroy the trees in an area

Pasture area, -n (f.) - the grassland that z. B. cows and sheep are used for nutrition

Andean bear (m.) - a bear that originally lived in the mountains of South America

Lining (n., Singular only) - here: food for animals

Feces (m., Singular only) - the digested food residues that the body excretes

Seeds, - (m.) - here: a grain from which a plant can develop

grant something - to allow something; to offer something; make something possible

Deer (n.) - a four-legged mammal that lives mainly in forests, can run very quickly and is very shy

Mortal danger - the fact that someone's life is threatened

go around something - walk around something so that you get back to the starting point

Wild (n., Singular only) - here: the animals that live in the wild

Amphibian, -n, - (f.) - an animal that is born in water, but can later also live on land

Tunnel, - (m.) - a corridor / path that goes underground

Way out (m.) - a saving solution in a difficult situation

Sewage, sewage (n.) - the dirty water that comes out of houses and factories

affected - here: so that you have a specific problem

Coral reef, -e (n.) - a system of diverse marine plants and animals found in tropical waters

damaged - in such a way that something / someone has suffered damage

to breed something - Have animals or plants of a species and ensure that they reproduce

Overexploitation (m., Singular only) - the overuse of something (the environment), which causes great damage

according to someone / something - here: as someone says / as it is written somewhere

put something under nature protection / protection - here: make sure that nature in a certain place is not allowed to be destroyed by humans

Species extinction (n., Singular only) - the fact that various animal and plant species are dying and disappearing from the earth

to avoid something - make sure that something doesn't happen

preserve something - Maintain and protect something so that it will continue to exist in the future