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Romania / Timisoara

Climate in Romania

Romania lies in a transition zone between a temperate climate and the more extreme continental climate. The average annual rainfall is 675 mm; in the Danube Delta about half, in the mountains twice as much.

The temperatures in Romania can vary greatly from day to day, even in summer you cannot always count on 30 to 35 ° C. On excursions in the mountains you have to be prepared for cold winds and nights. The winters in Romania are relatively moderate, especially near the coast, but in the mountains the weather conditions are very changeable.

Best travel time: Despite the rather cool winters and very hot summers, Romania is a year-round travel destination. Regionally there are big climatic differences: The annual average temperature in the south of Romania is 11 ° C, in the north 7 ° C and in the mountains only 2 ° C. In recent years, summer temperatures in Bucharest and on the Black Sea coast rose to over 40 ° C, while in winter in the Braşov lowlands and in Miercurea Ciuc in Transylvania it was sometimes as cold as -35 ° C.

Summer (June - August) is a good time for swimming in the Black Sea, as well as hiking and mountain biking in the Carpathian Mountains. Now all tourist facilities are open and the weather is usually good, but there are also more tourists around. The best time to observe migratory birds in the Danube Delta is from mid-April to mid-May and in October. Spring in Romania is also a good time to travel, when the landscape is covered with the last of snow and wildflowers.

At higher altitudes the snow sometimes lasts until mid-May. The hiking season doesn't start here until mid-June. The best time to ski is between December and March.

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