What is fashion advertising

Fashion advertising fails

First of all, the test persons were presented with the advertisements with the concealed brand logo. The participants should use the imagery to recognize which ad belongs to which fashion brand. The respondents were only able to assign an ad to the correct fashion label in 10 percent of the cases. The style and presentation of the various fashion advertisements are too similar: for example, the H&M label was most frequently assigned to the Bognermotiv and the Boss label to the Joop motif. The reason for this is the high degree of confusion between the brands. For comparison: In the FMCG area, a correct allocation averages 60 percent.

Furthermore, the test persons were asked to assign the general positioning of the individual fashion brands directly to the respective advertisements. However, the respondents only assigned the brand positioning to the correct print ad in a quarter of the cases: The intended positioning is therefore not implemented in a comprehensible way for the target group.

The eye-tracking study in a face-to-face situation also showed that the visual structure of the ad does not contribute to brand positioning. With eye tracking, a special camera records the movement of the eye when viewing the campaign images, so that a precise evaluation of the course of the gaze is possible. The recordings make it clear that in most of the advertisements the test persons looked around for a content-related statement of the motif: 52 percent of the spontaneously assumed main message behind the advert motif was misinterpreted, 15 percent of the respondents did not recognize any statement at all. Up to 80 percent of the viewer's attention was focused on the model - on average, only 20 percent of the attention was focused on the brand logo. So the eye hardly gets caught on the brand logo and the product information given in the advertisement. In the FMCG area, viewers spend an average of 50 percent of their attention on the content of an advertisement that is relevant to the brand.

The survey of leading fashion journalists also produced similar results. The PR agency Serviceplan BrandPR asked 30 journalists - among others from Brigitte, Elle, Madame, Glamor, Menschen heute, Amica Online or FTD How to spend it - about what they think about fashion brands. The fashion journalists surveyed play a major role as multipliers, as they reach a total of over 24 million readers, users and viewers.