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All ice cream parlors sell their first scoops - only the Ice Galaxy remains closed

Do sports instead of licking ice cream: While the Freiburg ice cream parlors are selling their first scoops, the Ice Galaxy at Friedrichring will remain closed. No ice cream parlor opens at the Friedrichring, but a new sports shop. fudder reveals where you can still buy the Ice-Galaxy ice cream:

Would you like a little dessert from the shop next door after eating at the Vapiano? Those days are over. Until a few months ago, you could still take a bullet home with you at the Ice-Galaxy.

But the café on Friedrichring has been closed since October. In the former ice cream parlor you can now buy sportswear so you can work off your Vapiano meal straight away: Citysport - the Freiburg running shop has been open since the beginning of February.

But if you don't want to do without the Ice Galaxy balls, you can still get the ice cream in the Degusto delicatessen at the main station, in La Banca in the Volksbank building and in the branch in Schillerstraße Emmendingen. From March 14th, it will open again for the first time during the week from 3 p.m. and on the weekend from 12 p.m.

[Photo: Laura Wolfert]


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