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Professor Stanford: IGC decision on the Russian Paralympic runs counter to the organization’s mission

Lecturer Faculty of Law at Stanford University, Ron Katz told the RT, that the decision taken by the International Paralympic Committee for the Russian athletes, runs counter to the mission of the organization. “They just issue orders, be heard by the fate of athletes who work every day in order to achieve an important goal.

8 September 2016

Czech general replied anecdote to the question of the conflict between Russia and NATO

Czech Major General in reserve Hynek Blashko in an interview Parlamentní listy commented on the possible conflict between Russia and NATO and said accompanying anecdote. Reporters reminded the military that NATO weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, are located closer and closer to the Russian borders.

7 September 2016

For the first time received a one-dimensional semiconductor material

Scientists from NUST “MISA” under the guidance of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Pavel Sorokin had a theoretical part of the study, which allowed for the first time in the world to get out of synthetic material Ta-Pd (Pt) -Se new dimensional semiconductor material.

6 September 2016

The meeting of Lavrov and Kerry ended without agreement on Syria deal

Source: pbs.twimg.com MOSCOW, September 5 - RIA Novosti. The meeting of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry in China on Monday ended without agreement on Syria deal, reports agency Bloomberg.

5 September 2016

The Clinton Foundation has funded Ukrainian Billionaire Pinchuk

In Hillary Clinton’s campaign falls the shadow of the Foundation named after the family. Scandalous Fund married couple Clintons received donations from abroad, as well as from countries, which Washington accuses of violating human rights.

3 September 2016

The total US national debt for the first time exceeded $ 19.5 trillion.

This was announced by the US Treasury, reports Washington Examiner. It is also emphasized that at the time of the arrival of Barack Obama for US president size of the country’s national debt was about $ 10.6 trillion.

2 September 2016

“The last hope of Earth” Clinton said of US exceptionalism

During his speech in Ohio candidate for US president from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton said that the US is “exceptional” and the country “indispensable”, despite the fact that it can be frustrating to other countries.

1 September 2016

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