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Programmers social networks are sounding the alarm

33 year old American Nick Johnson, better known as a hacker under the name ElMont discovered a vulnerability in the algorithm for storing passwords in such popular social networking sites like

7 September 2011

Col. SVR Shcherbakov taken under the protection of the FBI

Col. SVR Shcherbakov, believed to be issued to Americans Russian spy network in the U.S., taken under the protection of the FBI. As reported by broadcaster NBC, the Americans are afraid of

14 November 2010

Among those arrested were Russian “hackers” Americans have found a new sex bomb

No sooner had the U.S. subside scandal exposing the network of Russian spies, as American intelligence agencies have arrested at least 25 Russian citizens, accusing them of stealing funds from bank

2 October 2010

American doctors struck off Internet addiction from disease!

Specialists from the medical school at Stanford University in California conducted a survey among Web …

18 October 2006

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