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The State Department has allocated money to create “shadow Internet” for the revolutionaries and dissidents

Barack Obama’s administration is working on a “shadow” systems, internet and mobile phones, which would be “able to enjoy the dissidents to undermine the oppressive regimes that seek to censor and

12 June 2011

NBC TV host lost his job for supporting Obama’s Party

Leading the popular evening program of the American broadcast network MSNBC Keith Olbermann removed from the ether for participation in the election campaign the Democrats.

According to the news

6 November 2010

Obama wanted to “listen” Skype, Facebook and BlackBerry

Obama administration next year plans to present to Congress a new bill, under which law enforcement agencies will be able to intercept and decode messages from users of internet services including

29 September 2010

By Obama’s visit to Indonesia there remember how he was playing with a crocodile, confused fish with cheese and let the kites

The network published photos of the little Barack Obama, when he was a child, under the name Barry Soetoro (his stepfather’s surname), lived with his family in Indonesia in Jakarta. In these pictures

18 March 2010

The Obama administration is seeking a manager for social networks

On the official website of the White House came a curious vacancy announcement - Barack Obama’s presidential administration manager is required for social networks. The tasks of the future manager of

15 February 2010

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