Yemen forbade flight drones over its territory

Amazing situation in the airspace of Yemen. Over the country are free to soar unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), while attacking hostile, in their opinion, purpose. However, this situation has prompted

16 December 2013

Over 50% of U.S. drone operators suffer from serious psychological and physical disorders.

Research has affected 1,500 people, of which 840 operators UAV Predator, Reaper and Global Hawk. According to the BBC, with more than 46% of operators UAV Predator and Reaper, and 48% of the decoder

27 May 2012

In the U.S., developed a mini-bomb for UAVs

The world continues to develop weapons systems, both in the field of unmanned systems, and weapons designed for them.

Lockheed Martin Company introduced a new bomb that will be dropped from unmanned

3 May 2012

The U.S. military has introduced a new reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as a helicopter with a video camera installed on the 1.8 gigapixel resolution, reports BBC television and radio.

30 December 2011

USA lost three unmanned aircraft over the territory of Somalia

Three unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), USA collapsed in southern Somalia, Press TV television channel referring to representatives of African governments.

Reportedly, the drones have fallen near the

10 October 2011

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