The Clinton Foundation has funded Ukrainian Billionaire Pinchuk

In Hillary Clinton's campaign falls the shadow of the Foundation named after the family. Scandalous Fund married couple Clintons received donations from abroad, as well as from countries, which

3 September 2016

Events in Turkey is superprovokatsiya. Fantasia on a Theme coup

At the beginning of the night I understood why Erdogan with the tenacity of a maniac, blames the coup Gulen and his men. After all, where it is, and where the secular part of the army? These words

16 July 2016

US State Department: Erdogan should apologize for LGBT Gay Pride crackdown and punish those responsible

Istanbul (Turkey) the police using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the LGBT marsha.V stocks about 150 people attended. Some of the participants tried to get to the central Taksim Square

22 June 2016

Scientists at Stanford University: The security services are able to identify you even without any information wiretapping

After analyzing the telephone metadata volunteers - study participants: the date and time of calls made, duration of calls, the location of the caller's person, where and who originate phone calls

23 May 2016

In the US, more than 400 people detained after a protest against corruption at the Capitol

The protesters called for an end to corruption in politics and to ensure free and fair elections. The action in which Washington took several thousand people, was launched on April 2 in Philadelphia

12 April 2016

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