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Scientists at Stanford University: The security services are able to identify you even without any information wiretapping

After analyzing the telephone metadata volunteers - study participants: the date and time of calls made, duration of calls, the location of the caller's person, where and who originate phone calls

23 May 2016

Antisocial SnapChat: gap templates or idea on the $ 3.2 billion

System-all the modern idea of ​​social networking - meeting the needs of the mass man in self-reflection. Leave a trace in life at any cost - that deep pulse of all life on earth, from the amoeba and

2 December 2013

Appendix Facebook Occupy W @ ll Street. Russian use of our social network to restore the people against our ideals

This week’s TV RT advised that his application for users of Facebook Occupy W @ ll Street nominated for the award in the U.S., according to Financial Times columnist Gary Silverman. “I am - a child

2 June 2012

Time magazine included Navalny the list of 100 most influential people

Russian blogger and social activist Alex Bulk hit list of 100 most influential people of the year by the magazine Time. The editors and experts from the magazine paid tribute to Navalny in the fight

18 April 2012

In the social networking site Facebook prohibits the publication of images of nursing mothers in cases where the photographs show her nipples. The social network will not be removed any images of

23 February 2012

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