Tehran demanded the United States to carry out an agreement on the atom

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, said Washington should respect the agreements reached on the Iranian nuclear program (INP) and prevent it from blocking the congressmen. "We believe that the

14 September 2015

US and EU for the implementation of the agreements should affect Minsk to Kiev, Russia is doing everything to fulfill their DNI and LC - Putin

Moscow. June 6th. Interfax-AVN - the United States and the European Union should have an impact on the Kiev authorities to implement their agreements in Minsk, Russia, in turn, will do anything to

6 June 2015

Those who have ears to hear again. Russia returns to Cuba its center radio coverage

As the "Y", Russia and Cuba have agreed in principle to return to the use of electronic RF center in Lourdes (near Havana). Moscow refused it in 2001, with no means for the complex for 10 thousand

16 July 2014

Pentagon chief: Iran agreed not cancel EuroPRO

Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel videoconference with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, that the agreements will halt Iran's nuclear program, will not make the U.S. change its plans to build a

17 December 2013

U.S. still does not consider it necessary and possible to provide legal guarantees Russian ABM system not directed at Russia, but they believe that an agreement could be reached without it.


13 January 2012

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